Monday, May 30, 2011

++ PiTy HiM ++

from office,i went straight to JJ equine to buy a few stuffs to be left at Zareef's babysitter's house [banyaknye possessive pronouns..hehe]. i hate the idea of taking a lot of trunks everyday to send to her house.even this morning,Z took 2trunks to d house before he left for the time i wanted to send Zareef,i couldn't bring my handbag n work bag plus the cooler felt like crazy.n i didn't want to risk Zareef' safety.

so i bought another basin for Zareef to take his bath as kak ita[the babysitter] doesn't have any.she claims that all the babies there do not use basin to bath.but Zareef cried so loud this morning during bathing time. which forced me to buy the basin asap.anak manja mama.

by the time i picked him just now,he was crying for i held him in my hands n hugged him tightly. it took him a few minutes before he realized that he was cuddled by me.he stopped crying,stared at my face n suddenly carved a smile.later he giggled. :)

i know he is not happy staying there.but that is d only place available at the tough dear Zareef.

i think i need to buy another cooler bag n set of icepacks.kak ita doesn't have a chiller.she has frozen fridge only.i don't prefer to give Zareef with frozen milk all the times. because frozen milk has less nutrients compared to chilled milk [but frozen milk is always better than formula milk].
if i get another cooler bag,i can leave it at her house as the icepacks can last up to 14hours.

well yes,breastfeeding is not easy.but never give quit Lya!all the best for little Z.

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