Monday, November 29, 2010

++ Saket. sRooTtt..sRooTTT...++

after 4days of suffering sore throat,

i think i have fever today.

my nose is blocked.

n slight headache.

d last time i got fever was like 5months ago.

but that was totally different story.

mase tuh ade ustaz cakap aku terkena buatan org.


aku ni mmg lemah sket n senang bende2 nak masuk2.

blocked nose makes me hard to breath.

pity d bb inside.

i’m wondering if my condition somehow might affect him.

insyaAllah this wednesday will b going for regular checkup.

i miss my bb soooo much

n cant wait to know his development!

n teringin nak makan megi.

camneh nehhhh...!

copied from my tumblr

Sunday, November 28, 2010

++ mOthErHooD ++

8.58am sunday morning.
my hubby just got back from work at 7am.
begitula naseb seorang isteri kepada site engineer.
after watching him sleeping for about an hour,
i think i coudnt lie on the bed anymore.
d bb is kicking very hard.

i'm now surveying suitable confinement set.
2 products that r on top my list r from amway n nona roguy.
i dont like hot herbs dat intend to drop the weight like crazy.
besides, i cant stand hot herbs.
i'm gonna opt for 40/44 days package,
then after that im gonna buy LD Venus from elken.
this product is specially formulated for dat 'down part'.
my sister has been using this product.
i've tried before this n it is really superb for hubby-wifey r/ship.
amway is cheaper than nona roguy.
besides it has everything in the package.
maybe i'm gonna buy amway.
one of my frens [who is going to deliver very soon],
she bought amway.
im gonna wait for her feedback.

n this friend of mine also went for maternity photoshoot.
superb delicious!

enuff saying...
nak jugak!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

++ n3 LaJu2 ++

tetibe teringat ade byk cite nak update.
so nak campor campor je sume dlm 1 n3.

last week was my mum's birthday.
tak dapat nak balek.
so hanye kirim kad je.
n 1 lg kad gudluck utk adik yg tengah spm.
patutnye nak snap pic dlm kad yg ade ucapan aku n z.
tp terlupe plak.

cute cards.

then semalam buat rendang daging.
first time buat hokei.
n menjadi!
utk org mcm aku [jarang masak sblom kawen],
mmg terase kembang kuncup gitu.
z balek keje kul 12 lebey n makan penuh slera.
habes nasik seperiuk.
tu pon die komplen tak cukup.
terase kenyang perot bile tingok z makan berselera!

rendang daging enak!eceh.

n ni preggy dress yg baru siap.
kaen di beli di jakel mase kuar dgn gades gades last wik.
tempah kosong je.
then tambah sndiri batu batu kristal tuh.
sgt la susah rupenye nak menjahit!
wpon berjaye siapkan 1 mlm,
tp mmg penat gile.
hasilnye s0-so aje.
tak bley tgok dekat2!
n tak bley tgok dari dalam!
berserabut benang!
tp z cakap cantek n pukul 12mlm suh aku try.
yg penting hasil tgn sndiri kan!
n dpt jimat duet!!!

kosong saje.

kotak ajaib sy!

bahan bahan yg diperlukan.

da ciap!

zoom sket!

utk menghabeskan batu,tambah sket bahgian tangan.

ingat nak tambah batu kelip kelip kat bahgian dada.
lebey mase diy tudung nikah dulu.

oklah.itu saje.mlm ni nak makan steamboat ngan ipar biras.

p dot s: baru prasaan muke adelah sgt sunburn lepas balek dari jalan tar.haih.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

++ BLaSt WiKeN 2nD ++

it takes me few days to update d 2nd version.
been quite bz to key in marks for my students.
plus i'm not feeling very well.
after a few months,rase cam nak demam plak tetibe.

2nd version happened on sunday.
mmg da merancang dgn gades gades ku nak g jalan tar.
last minute, pasangan pon nak ikut serta.
except for miza.

so we met up at jln tar.
borong shawls murah2an.
then we went to jakel.
i bought two sets of satin silk, pink n brown.
sempat la membuli akak dctu.
g belek belek kaen lace.
owh.rindunye zaman beli kaen utk tunang n kawen dulu!!!

yg lelaki mmg sgt baek.
sabar je layan yg gades gades bershopping.
we had our lunch in between of d shops in jln tar.
then jali came out with a suggestion to karaoke in redbox ria sogo.
z konpem la sukeeee sgt kan.
so we spent 3hours in d super big room.

karaoke always be d best activity!
reunite everybody in one song.
we really had fun!
thanks jali sbb blanje karaoke!

after that masing masing ingat nak balek.
tetibe jali ajak makan nasik lemak kg baru.
so g makan 2bungkus nasik lemak bersame lauk2.
then baru la balek.
tapak kaki saket gile.
n saket kepale sgt sgt.

but really enjoy my time with my gades.
dulu slalu risau kalu da kawen tak bley hang out mcm dulu.
but alhamdulillah.
z pon bley masuk ngan dorg.
n now kiteorg tgah merapatkan yg jejake jejake
supaye pehni pon senang nak lepak same same!

lets pictures do d talking eh.

rainbow shawl.

kaen ni mmg serius sgt cantek!tggl 4metres je.pakej 700++.sesuai utk nikah.cantekkkk!

4th floor.bahgian kaen riban2 semeter.dapat pegang jela...(T__T)

happy hour.misz d moment!

after karaoke session.:)

3couples. [from left~ da kawen,da tunang n bakal tunang]

all of us!

sebabak lepas karaoke....

mummy: cyg cyg x?
papa: cyg la!
mummy: byk mane???
papa: lg byk dari sume lagu yg abg nyanyi tuk cyg td!

some of d songs dat i still remembered;
sejiwa,permata utk isteri,hanya padamu,untukmu n x ingat da...(--")

n most favourite is this.

Monday, November 22, 2010

++ bLaSt weEkeNd ++ [parT oNe]

one blast wiken!
z cuti from friday-sunday.
friday n saturday adelah mase ber2-2an.
oh maaf.b3 bersame bb. (--")

ari sabtu bangun lewat.
terus siap siap nak g lunch.
mummy pakai selebet selebet
sbb ingat nak makan kat alamanda je.
mase nak kuar umah,
kelihatan papa nye bersiap mcm org bujang.
brape kali tukar tcet,
cari socks n kasut jalan.
bile tanye nak g mane,die kate surprise!

lepas makan,
rupenye die nak g tgok pameran kete kat matrade.
mummy selebet.
papa bergaye sorg2!!!

pakse mummy snap gambo!hahaha.


harley davison.

nyomei kan vespa neh.30k je....

pic plg tak bley blah!malu gile ibu mengandong duk terkangkang.papa pakse naek...huuu.

dari matrade g tgok harry potter di cineleisure.
lamenye cite harry potter.
balek dari tgok wayang g shah alam nak cari steamboat.
tp kedai tutup (T___T)
mummy majuk ngan papa.
dpt mc flurry oreo.
tp balek umah nanges sampai tetido.

end of part one.
nnti sambung part 2!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

++ bB Bb bb BB ++

i never expecting a bb in my very 1st year of marriage.

i told almost to all my friends that i’m going to wait for atleast 1 year.

in fact,

a week before my wedding,

i had my menstrual cycle n i knew that it would b “waktu subur” on my wedding nite.

so i asked my bestie to find contraceptive pills for me.

she went all around d town but all the pharmacies claimed that they were out of stock.

so i discussed with some good frens about the chances of getting pregnant.

since there are couples of friends who are really hard to get baby,

i thought that conceiving won’t be that easy for us too.

but i was wrong.

i think it was a JACKPOT.

after 3 weeks of our marriage,

i started to feel d symptoms.

i was so worried that i got pregnant n was so sad.

[since i didn’t want it at d 1st place]

bad mummy.

i did self check for twice.

d double lines were very clear.

n i was still in shocked.n sad.

bad mummy.

things weren’t good between z n i though.

maybe i was so depressed.

i guess both of us were in shocked.

didn’t know that we were so..hmm…healthy?

but after my first scan,

seeing the little heart beating so fast,

i remembered that i almost burst into tears in front of the doc.

n that was the time i felt so relief n grateful with d greatest gift.


i believe everything happens for a reason.

Allah is giving me this little bb to b my companion.

apple of my heart.

mummy loves u bb.

so do daddy.

can u feel when daddy keeps on kissing mummy’s tummy?

when he runs his hands over d bump…


bb…we both love u so much.

n u r more than welcome to b with us.

even though d budget is becoming tighter,

we will make d best preparations for u.


n oh yes.congratulations to my sister!

she's pregnant too!

healthy family!

copied from my tumblr.

++ on9 sHopPinG ++

wut an addiction!

nowadays, by few simple clicks we can get almost everything dat we need!

i was addicted to on9 shopping way before married.

then,while too bz preparing for d wedding,

i managed to stop d craving.

n now dat i am pregnant,

dunno y somehow i got involved once again!

by simply looking at some pictures n negotiation/bargain thru emails,

we can get the items dat we purchase within a few days!

this month,

i spent almost 6hundreds to buy some on9 stuffs.

skincare products direct from US,

n of course some clothing items.

skincare care products r no doubt much cheaper compared to wut we have here in Malaysian boutiques.

the clothing items r also cheap!

i received my skincare products yesterday.

n today i’m waiting for my clothing items.


i’m quite interested to buy bb equipements thru on9 shops.

but i prefer to choose n to hold at d items first because bb’s items r very special to me…

till here then.

oh yeap. SELAMAT HARI RAYA HAJI.this year will be the 1st year dat i’m not celebrating with my family.both z n i r stucked here in KL. :(

copied from my tumblr.

Monday, November 15, 2010


selamat hari jadi buat ibu tercinta!
yg ke 52...
wpon da separuh abad,
tapi mak tetap muda di mata dan di hati kami semua.

semoga mak bahagia dan gembira selalu.
jgn terlalu memikirkan dugaan yg sedang melanda.
kita hadapi sama sama.

nyah n zakril sayang mak!

happy family,together we will be insyaAllah.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

++ tUmbLR ++

wpon da ade tumblr,
tapi maseh rindu2an jugak dcni.
kat cni da ramai followers.
tp kat sane ade 4 kawan je.

tp tumblr offers privacy!
kat blogspot neh da ramai sgt yg tahu.
n kdg2 bile kite nak tulis something yg more to private life,
da mule cautious.
bimbang nnti ade yg bace jd 1 speculation plak.
kat tumblr pon tade la reveal private stories sgt.
tp rase selamat tu tinggi kat sane.

oh ye.
da lame tak mandi pagi2.
arini mandi pagi smpai terketar2 1 badan.
kuar bathroom trus mencicit lari dalam selimut z!
sgt la sejuk!
sian z slalu mandi awal sbb die masuk keje awal.
aku masuk sesuki ati!

my bb is 5 n a half months old now.
playing happily inside tummyland.
kicking n jumping n bumping!
last 2weeks has gone for blood test.
next 2weeks will go for tetanus injection kot.

baru mule sket2 beli baju bb.
pehni nak start beli lebey byk bb's equipment.
perot tak besar sgt.
cume sume sluar da tak bley pakai.
alah2 muntah2 rasenye da lame berlalu.
1st trimester pon 5kali je muntah.
now suke emo.
jenuh la z nak melayan.
kejap ok.kejap x.
yg pasti mood ngengade tuh menjadi2.
asik nak berkepit ngan z je.
sabau je la ye abg!

4months to go!
tak sabar nak cuddle my lil bb!