Wednesday, May 29, 2013

++ WeeK 30 ++


Almost 2months ago we were given so little chances that we r going to go this far.
But Alhamdulillah.
Allah hears our prayers.

Yesterday i went for Doppler n Growth scan at hukm.
Brought along a hospital bag just in case d result was not ok; i need to be hospitalized.

D blood flow to small twin is still ok.
It is just that the baby doesnt do much of growing compared to the other twin.
They are now weighing at 1.5+kgs n 640gms.
Not even half kan.
But Doc Yuli said that we can still push to week 31.

I have an instinct that we can go until week 34 at least.
but i do hope that we can still holding on to week 36.
But then again..Allah knows better.

About a month or so to go.
I guess both twins have been very strong thruout this journey.♥


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

++ WeeK 29 ++

A few more days n ill b in week 30.
Prof Suhaila n Prof Norzi are away for a conference in Europe.
They are putting me under one specialist for these 2 weeks.

My last checkup was last Monday.
It was 1hour + scan session.
They checked on Doppler Test for twin b.
Prof Suhaila said she needs to go with peace of mind.

After 1hour+ baru dapat d result that she wanted.
Alhamdulillah.still positive blood flow.
Prof Suhaila told me that next week if d Doppler Test is not ok (hope not),
Ill be admitted n i will go thru csect.

I hope d result is ok.
Lets fight until at least week 34 ya sayangsss!

Now it is time to pack for hospital bag!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

++ WaiTiNg ++

when the doctor told me that she is not going to drag me more than W34,
it hit me straight away that the twins are going to be June babies!

it is going to be next month!

tick tock! tick tock!

any days in June could have been the day i deliver the twins...
but deep down inside i silently hope that I would be able to keep them a bit more longer in my tummy.
at least up to early July.
mommy's womb will always be the best incubator!

n i do hope that the babies will gain more weights before i deliver them.
the idea of spending time in NICU scares me a lot.
i know the small twin will be spending some time in NICU because of the size and the problem with blood flow.
they need to monitor the small twin closely.
but again,
no matter what d doctor has expected,
i believe Allah has designed the best journey for us.

nevertheless, i need to mentally n physically prepare the arrival of the twins.
i've almost completed the checklist.
just a few more to go.

n i need to start packing my hospital bag.
i havent done that one yet.
scrap that.
i havent even started with that!

last weekend i did my first laundry trip.
this weekend, more laundry trips to be done!

oh my...
i just cant wait to have both of them in my arms.
but the idea of having them next month is just too early.
i want them to develop all the internal organs in my womb.
n i still want to enjoy the kicks, fists, punches n elbows from them.

Ya Allah,
please lead us to the best journey!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

++ WeeK 28 (MGTT and DeXa sHoTs) ++

7 months!
we are here finally.

yesterday went for MGTT.
minum secawan air gula pekat.
sangat x sedap.
all mothers exchanged frowns sesama sendiri.
tapi berjaya jugak habiskan.

they took my blood samples twice; before n after.

then naik 1st floor utk buat Doppler n Growth scan for the twins.
both babies are growing.
they showed me the graphs from previous scan.
memang babies membesar.
even the small twin pon naik berat walaupon x banyak.
i'm still thankful.

after scan, 
Prof Suhaila turun nak jumpa.
first she went thru d reports first.
lepas tu she came to us n senyum lebar.
she said both babies are growing.
she asked me to have a seat n she was telling how she is surprised with the results. [remember there was 1 time she predicted that small baby wouldnt survive]
she told me that she has no explanations for that.
but she is grateful.
the power of Dua I'm sure.

now that i am at W28,
she is going to drag me to W30.
if everything is ok,
she is going to drag me until W34.
not more than that coz she is concerned about d small twin.
but then again,
who knows Allah might surprise us again, right?

oh yes. 
i got my Dexa shots yesterday.
these shots are given to fasten d developement of babies' lungs.
kalau baca pengalaman orang,
memang scary.
it scared me to death la.
first shot was scheduled at 9pm last night.
2nd shot tadi pagi 9am.
masuk ER smlm dalam keadaan takut tersangat2.
tapi alhamdulillah.
pada aku, tak sakit sangat.
no tears. 
cuma skrg experiencing sengal2 kat kaki.
post-pain la tu kot.
tak kesah la darlings.
anything the best for both of you!

my colleagues are going to get this for me:

i think the most expensive bath tub that I have come across so far.
this is known as flexibath.
it is fold-able n jadi very flat.
convenient for traveling.
in conjunction with this,
i need to buy this la pulak:

yg ni murah je. 
cheapest that i have surveyed so far RM75 kalau x silap.
the reason that i need to get this bath support sebab babies lagi selamat nak mandi.
w/out bath support, 
Zareef ok la.
but for small babies, u need to have both,
it will be like this:

flexibath is a product from Stokke kalau x silap.
kalau x de org sponsor x beli la kot.
bising Z nanti.
kalau beli senyap-senyap okla.

this is how it looks like bila dah lipat.
compact n boleh bawak balik kampung!

my choice of color?
i suka red...
tp takde dalam gambar.
n tak ada kat malaysia.
available colors adalah pink, purple, blue, green, white and transparent.

harga flexibath is RM168 (cheapest that i found on on9 shop)
flexibath + bath support = RM243.

till then!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

++ tWiNs' pReP ++

Do u notice how d contents of d wardrobe differ in both pics?
Aha. Itu x tambah lagi another 6pieces of garments that i bought on Thursday n Friday.
No matter how i warn myself to focus on other necesarry things, but i ended up buying more n more outfits.

Most of the outfits mamapapa la yg beli.
Ada some my mom bought for the twins as well.
N auntie taca n auntie ayuni ada belikan jugak baju2 c kembar.
Paling byk rompers n sleepsuits mothercare.
Memang dari time Zareef dulu mama dok gila rompers.
Sejak berkenalan dgn MC baru tahu rompers for boys sgt comel2 kat cni.

Dresses for baby girls pon comel2 kat MC.
Geram je tengokkkkk!

I've started my first laundry trip today.
Tadi g lunch kat JJ depan umah.
Then trus g beli Pureen ABD Laundry Detergent.
Arini basuh 20 pieces of napkins, 4 towels, mittens n booties, baby binders, nursing poncho, 2pieces of handkerchiefs, n 2 pieces of receiving blankets.
Baju2 babies nanti la pulak.huhu.

I am already in my week 28.
Kalau both twins boleh membesar ngan sehat dlm womb,
I hope by week 36 dah boleh jumpa these little darlings.
Ya Allah...permudahkanlah segalanya.

Friday, May 10, 2013

++ Week 27 & MoTheRCarE ++

Week 27

masa W26 i went to HUKM.
Prof Norzi cakap my doppler result has improved.
so W27(this week) tak ada appointment.
i'll be going for next checkup next week (W28)

next tuesday, i am scheduled for MGTT.
ingat boleh la skip dari minum air gula.
tapi kena jugak.
Prof Norzi cakap berat ok, umo muda.
tapi since i'm carrying twins,
dia kata ada potential dapat diabetic.
so better take the test.
1st time nak kena ni.
i'll update how it's like next week.


i'm sure all mothers yang ada membership kat MC tahu now ada anniversary sale.
(10th May - 12th May).
all clothing items ada 20% off. additional 10% off for MC members.
i went there yesterday.
beli baju untuk twins.(padahal cakap takmo beli dah)
n i oso bought Aden+Anais handkerchief. 
masa nak bayar baru tahu ada sales starting today!
nyesal betol.
so today i went there lagi.
i think staffs kat MC dah cam muka aku ni ha.
i bought two pairs of clothing items for twins n 1 shirt for Zareef.
murah jugak.
kalau ikutkan hati mesti nak beli lagi.
tapi duit adalah di paras bahaya ni.
so better stop la.

before keluar sempat usha Muslin JJ Cole.
eh. harga dia dah reduced sikit from last time.
siap ada 10% disc.
tapi nanti la dulu.

actually not all items are worth buying kat MC.
aku dah compare a few items yg agak mahal di MC.
contohnya Summer Baby Deluxe Bather.
kalau kat MC harga dia rm109+.
kalau on9 boleh dapat rm60+.
tp kalau clothing items atau memang MC branded items,
yang tu memang tak boleh beli kat luar kan.
baju2 kat MC nampak mcm mahal.
tp kalau compare dgn brand Anakku, etc, aku rasa berbaloi lagi beli di MC.
quality materials berbeza.
n design lagi stylish.
yet, harga x beza banyak pon...
so aku plan raya nanti Zareef shopping banyak2 kat MC.
twins punya outfits memang banyak from MC jugak.
ye. dah macam duta MC skang ni.

oh yeah,
i have an update regarding TKC.
nanti buat special entry!