Monday, June 20, 2011

++ d aRRiVaL ++

my new nephew has safely born this afternoon.
weighs 2.8kg.
so mummy has new baby to play with!
[my nephews call me mummy]

i eagerly waiting to go back to hometown.
n to get my new handphone.
taktahu la bile Z tak bz n will b available to bring me to subang.

nak beli hp murah je pon.
smartphone yg da kuar lame gile tp aku baru terkedek nak beli.
nak wat camne,
byk sgt commitment lain!

-d newborn.tomei je-

-Zareef mase baru lahir.besau.-

now hobi Zareef is to roll over.
asal letak je roll.
kejap je meniarap then dia da nanges sbb sakit dada kot.
then bila baringkan die,
he will roll again.
tp nak record susah.
bile mama rakam terus Zareef jadi malas.

oklah.nak dinner sorang-sorang.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

++ oF SuNDaY++

happy fathers' day to my beloved abah!!!
Zainuddin b Abdul Wahab.
my beloved husband cum Zareef's beloved papa!!!
Zakril Syafrani b Samsudi.

to abah::
thanks for raising us up.u have been so patient and so determined in changing our lives.i have d chance of living in luxury because of ur hard work.insyaAllah,ur efforts will be paid next week!amin.

to hubby::
thanks for helping out to cook,to look after Zareef,to bathe Zareef,to get him ready, n a lot more.most important is thank u for contributing ur genes in making the most perfect baby for us!:)

-love u both!-

this afternoon we went to pullman lakeside in putrajaya to see amrina n her bb.
masyaAllah...montel sgt c aufiya ni.
i've been looking at her pictures for so many times.
so when having d chance to hold her, i felt like i wanted to bite her!
she is so adorable!~
Zareef mcm cemas je jumpe awek cun.
sampai muak,berak n kentut!hahahaha....
ade rezki nak adiahkan aufiya dress raya,insyaAllah.

owh,btw amrina is the friend yg delivered dekat-dekat ngan my delivery date.
so aufiya is older by 4days to Zareef.

-the mamas n d babies-

-Zareef's first kiss from awek.hahaha.-


-penyek pipi aufiya-

then we went to nilai to visit Z's uncle.
he just got a new baby as well who is younger by 2weeks from Zareef.
so Zareef ada pak ucu yg muda 2minggu dari dia.
tp tak snap pic coz d bb is not feeling well after taking his 3rd jab.

till here then.
esok my beloved sis akan deliver her baby!
moga segalanya dipermudahkan Allah.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

++ CeLeBRaTioN ++

last nite a small celebration was held.
we dined in at papa john's ioi puchong which i think serve better food than papa john's in front my house.
had a piece of choc cake, 9"pizza with half-half toppings and baked rice yg kurengggg sedap.
lupe nak snap pic of the food sbb tgah lapo sgt.

so it was a celebration for our belated 1st anniversary n z's new increment.
z seems so happy.
i'm happy too!
Zareef pon happy sampai meniarap more than 10times semalam!

sekarang rase senang nak bawak Zareef g mane-mane.
mase mule-mule beli stroller he refused to stay in it.
now mcm da suit well n he seems comfortable.
so bile keluar jalan-jalan he is so well-behaved.
anak papamama tahu yg parents die kuat berjalan.

so here's some pics mase kuar berjalan semalam.
i bought stripes tight for Zareef.mcm comel pulak tgok die pakai.
n last nite grabbed another tak colorful sgt.

Zareef with his colorful stripes tight.

1 family. :)

with papa.
with mama.

da poo muka tak slesa!

Friday, June 17, 2011

++ FRiDaY BLeSsiNg ++

when z texted me this morning,
he broke 1 unexpected, good news.

he got an increment on his salary coz d his boss said that he is so hardworking.
d increment is almost 10% from his salary.


Allah answers our prayers.
with 2good news in a week,
i hope there's another fortune coming next week.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

++ oF LoVe ++

"Love is taking a few steps backward (maybe even more) give way to the happiness of the person you love."

-Extraordinary Love for Extraordinary person-

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

++SiLeNt cRy ++

i cried in my heart when looking at our wedding pictures.
how fast time passed by.
it feels like yesterday we made our vows on solemnization day.

it's been a year plus already.

yes.i am an emotional woman.
Allah knows what's inside my heart.
how much i love Z n our little Zareef.
only Allah knows.

your love lights me in darkness.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

++ JaDeD ++

there r committee meetings going around for these few weeks.
n i was in-charged on editing the current evaluation forms.
last sem was my 1st sem teaching that subject.
tu pon ajar half way coz i went for maternity leave.
so with very little experience,
i revamped n edited the forms.
alhamdulillah, 60% of my new adaptions are good n will be implemented for ne
xt sem.

i did wish n pray for a lot of good things on the early of june right?
seems none turn out right YET.
Z is still having problem with his stomach.
Zareef with his cough n flu.
n i found myself getting infected by Zareef.

maybe next week when i get my hands on my new handphone,
life would turn out beautiful!

my sister is giving birth next week.
since she will go for Cesarean,
she can actually choose the date n she chose 20/06/11.
nothing nice with the numbers arrangement.
it is just the best time for her n d baby!
oh baby boy again.
suma grandsons la nampaknya keturunan incik Din!
[for d time being]
i want to have baby girl!!!!

Zareef alhamdulillah membesar dgn hebat.
makin lama makin berat.
now suka angkat-angkat kaki tanpa ketahuan motif.
yg pasti comel selalu di mata papamama.

angkat 1 kaki.

angkat 2kaki.

kusyuk tengok babytv.

my frozen chiller got a few more.

Monday, June 13, 2011

++ tHeSe DaTeS ++

last year, 2010, on these dates...






this year,2011...
a simple,budget celebration was held between the 3 of us.
after my-almost-fainted incident last week,
this week z was attacked by diarrhea,
n Zareef was infected by cough.
plus d money status is not OK.
so duk umah diam-diam.

thanks for the one year of love-hatred journey.
i think we have learned a lot of things.
n Allah has granted us with the most valuable, beautiful gift ever~ Zareef.
i'm thankful for being ur wife, alhamdulillah.
n insyaAllah,till death do us apart.

ade rezki next month we shoot to Melaka n have our babymoon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

++ aLHaMDuLiLLaH ++

thank u Allah.
for d great news we received just now.

YOU are the one n the only place for us to ask anything.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

++ GasP ++

these days i found myself listening to some songs to heal my soul.
everytime i'm down,
i'll succumb myself to songs that suit with d current feelings.
it helps somehow.

n that is what i'm doing right now; every now n then.
soul, plz come back.
i know we can go thru this.
just come back so that everything will be back normal;or at least near to normal.

life won't be cruel to us all the time...right?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

++ ReNuNGKaN ++

- A christian man asked a muslim man why muslim women cover their hair and body. the muslim man smiled and pulled out 2 sweets from his pocket. he opened the first one and kept the other one closed in its wrapper. he threw both sweets onto the dusty floor and asked the christian man, "which sweet would you pick?" the man replied, "the covered one!" the muslim man replied, "that's how we treat our muslim women."-
meaningful!hope i'll be a better muslimah!insyaAllah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

++ SuNDaY ++

morning sunday!

yesterday we were visited by z's bestfriends~eira n her husband.
they came around 3pm until 9pm.
so sempat la lunch n dinner same-same.
n sempat dera eira masak utk dinner.

as far as i can remember,
yesterday was d 1st time we stayed at home without going anywhere when z is on leave.
before this every weekend filled up with a lot of activities.
somehow it wasn't that bad to spend d whole day at home.

i managed to pump out 12oz yesterday.
there were 2 morning sessions and 1 session in afternoon.
then i was too bz with d guests.

oh yes!on friday morning, i woke up at 4.45am to pump out my milk;discovering i needed to hold to the wall to balance myself.i was so dizzy but didn't care much.
after pumping,i continued sleeping n when i woke up at 7+,i still feeling drowsy.
by that time i was confused whether to go working or not which at d end i went.
during lunch break both z n i brought Zareef for his 3rd jab.
he weighs 6.6kg already.
after Zareef,i asked d doc to check me n yadaa yadaa ~ i had low blood pressure.
so yesterday, z went to the market n purchased all nutritious food that were believed to increas
e the blood cells in our body.
hopefully it's not going to happen again.i am so worried that i might faint while holding Zareef.

haih.i used to think i am strong. well, i was strong during my pregnancy. but after 1 week started working,i understand how hard it's to be a working housewife.


- aunty unkel Zareef -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

++ WeLCoMe ++

welcome June!
plz bring me some luck+love+happiness+prosperous+surprises[good ones].

thank you June.

somehow i feel OK to send Zareef to d current babysitter.
somehow everything seems OK.
i hope he will be OK.
i love the fact that the new babysitter is also in d same block as ours.
so it is VERY convenient for me.

well yesterday i went to littlewhiz in setia alam to buy 1more set of cooler bag+icepacks.
money flows out like water.
it's only 1st june n i feel like so poor already.

this is my first time pumping milk at office.
everyone one is out except the Korean instructor n i.
so i asked her permission before pumping out.
somehow i forget to bring my nursing poncho
[when all the time it is in my handbag,somehow yesterday i took it out T-T]

i managed to pump out 4 oz ONLY.
stress betol la ngan production susu nih.
kene mintak tolong Z lg kot.

i miss this little cuddler so much.
i miss u darling Zareef.

i can't wait for weekends for i can spend d whole day n night with Zareef.