Sunday, April 28, 2013

++ BaBy ShoP SpREe ++

Well, since d last update,
Ive added more baby stuffs on d list.

I ordered 4 EMAB items from Babydash on9 shop.
The service was fast!
I got d items d next day i placed my orders.
I chose EMAB products because of d good reviews that i read on internet.
I bought two jar of Bottom Balm.
1 in 1oz n another 1 is 2oz.
Ive started using d small one for Zareef since he got nappy rash all of sudden.
I applied 3 times n d rashes/burn has gone.
Hope it works wonder on twins' skin as well!
Bottom Balm can also b our first aid cream.
I put d small jar in my handbag just in case.

Then on Friday i had a date with my BFF.
We went to Alamanda.
As usual, Mothercare will always b my favourite pitstop.
I grabbed MC Liquid Talc, a pack of 3pcs hooded towels n 1 cute tee for Zareef.
I also bought d silicone brush.that 1 is from Anakku.

Taca has offered to buy d sleepsuits for d twins.
I chose d 1 that ive been eyeing for quite some time.
Tq auntie!

I managed to apply for MC membership too.
After this more shopping at MC i guess?

Saturday Taca n i went to Shah Alam.
We stopped at One Baby World at Sec 13.
I bought 2 pieces of receiving blankets, bra extender, 500ml Thermos,a snack jar for Zareef n 4 sets of mittens.
OBW is having their annivesary sales.
Im eyeing on a few more stuffs.
Yg xde dlm list pon.
But it is a great bargain actually.
We'll see how it goes!

Now Z,Zareef n i are at Lexis Water Chalet PD.
An unplanned babymoon.
Alhamdulillah rezeki!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

++ DiaPeR CaDdY and oF W25 ++


hello world!

i did my doppler test n growth check for d twins yesterday.
twin A is now weighing at 761gm, twin B 421 gm.
twin A has normal development growth rate.
twin B memang fall behind d graph.
BUT the baby is actually gaining weight.
so d doctor said that it is still a positive development.

d doc said that as for now,
i will continue with weekly checkup up to w28.
kalau by w28 both twins are OK,
i will be scheduled for appointment every two week.
they are now trying to push me until w34.
or atleast when both babies have good,safe weights.
but if there is any complication,
i'll have to go thru emergency c-sect.
arap2nya semua OK lah.

ni rupa perot mommy at 25th week!
my current weight is equal to my weight when i was 9month pregnant last 2years.
kaki slim menyebabkan macam penguin.

of diaper caddy

so i picked up my parcel from Joan yesterday kat bangsar.
last minute purchase, i added on Essential Baby Box.
dasar kan.

sebenarnya i was contemplated between pink and brown color.
biru tak masuk buku sebab tu nampak sangat gendered color.
macam pink tak semestinya utk anak perempuan.
maknya kan memang perempuan selamanya. 
jd memang suka pink.
n brown pulak nampak lagi simple.

when i got to buy both items,
i chose both colors!

this is my choice for diaper caddy:

as for essential baby box:

other available colors...

ape guna essential baby box ni?

actually kita boleh simpan wet tissues n 2pieces of diapers dlm ni.
dia macam clutch.
so boleh bawak pergi mana-mana n keep it in ur diaper bag or handbag.
dlm essential baby box ni dah ada changing mat.
so boleh guna masa travelling.
it is created for mom's convenience.

size die tak besar,tapi tak la kecik sangat.
so it seems that i need to get a new handbag yg tak berat.
my current handbag right now mmg berat kalau tak ada barang pon.
[more reason to shop?]
actually dah 2months i didnt buy anything for myself sbb nak beli barang baby.
so bolehla beli handbag murah2 pasni.

review on Diaper Caddy

1. sturdy.memang nampak tahan lasak. it is made of PU leather. i think much sturdier than JJ Cole punya.

2. d design is modern n stylish.

3. it has a drawer n removable divider. boleh ikut mom's preference.

4. i love the color, but a bit worried that it might easily stained. tp boleh lap dengan kain basah kot kalau kotor?

5. berat sket. x macam bakul bunga telur.

6. u can store a lot of things there. boleh letak 10 or more diapers n other babies' essential stuffs mcm powder, lotion, etc.

7. mobile n portable. bakul bunga telur pon portable. tp kalau pakai nappy caddy ni barang2 tetap tersusun n tak messy.

itu je kot setakat ni.
i havent had d real experience of using it. 
tp rasa seronok sebab dah lamaaaaa nak beli!
i hope u two will serve me well!

siapa-siapa yg nak beli Bbox products boleh contact Joan thru her FB.
Bbox is a brand from Australia.
i found only 2 on9 shops selling Bbox in Malaysia.
tp 1 tu out of stock n harga dia lagi mahal.
yang Joan memang berbaloi.
i can't reveal my price sebab Joan bagi special prices.
dia kata hush-hush je.
klik sini for their FB:

PR Joan is also good!
totally recommended to mommy yang suka membazir macam i.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

++ DiaPeR CadDy ++

When i was pregnant last 2years,
Ive been eyeing alot on diaper caddy.
But back then d budget was a bit tight.
Maklumlah, baru keje,baru kawen, baru masuk umah.
N Zareef was d first child so there were a lot of things that we needed to buy actually.

Mcm sekarang ada barang2 Zareef yg boleh di inherit pada twins.
So ada penjimatan dctu.
Not to mention yg skrg ni semua medical bills are free.
So mmg ada duit lebih sket.

Last time i was aiming on Skip Hop Diaper Caddy. (1st pic)
Nampak comel ya ampun.
I found only 1 on9 shop selling that in Malaysia.
Tapi sebab budget tarak,
Amek jela bakul bunga telur masa kawen n trashed all d things inside.
Mmg diaper caddy is not something popular in Malaysia yet.
Skrg ramai je yg pakai bakul kan.
Mak buyong ni je yg ngengadeee...

Now that im pregnant with twins,
Im sure there will b a lot of challenges to handle two babies at once.
So i need to b organized!
(bg alasan kat diri sndiri)

So i started browsing on diaper caddy again.
This time around most of the Malaysian bloggers bought JJ Cole Diaper Caddy.
(2nd pic)
Not only there r quite a no of on9 shops selling this, d price is also much cheaper compared to Skip Hop.
N i was also aiming to get 1!
(note: was- past tense)

But then i stumbled upon another brand of diaper caddy by Bbox.
(3rd pic)
Few on9 shops are selling this n among the 3 brands, Bbox is d most expensive one.
Why la i always fell in love with expensive stuffs.

This morning while browsing thru,
I landed on an on9 shop.
They sell Bbox Diaper Caddy rm20 cheaper than other on9 shops!
I whatsapped with d shop owner n straight away place my order!

Im going to pick up the diaper caddy on Monday!
Cant wait cant wait.

Nnti once the kids are done with nappy,
We can use the caddy to trash our makeup stuffs n such.
Sje bg more reason to myself to get 1.

N Bbox ade jugak diaper clutch.
N again d price that this on9 shop offers is rm30 cheaper than market price.
Yg tu nanti dulu kot.
Sbb time Zareef ade beli diaper clutch from snugbaby.
Cuma x pakai sgt pon akhirnya...

I will review more on Bbox diaper caddy once the item is in hand!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WeeK 23 + WeeK 24

this was what happen during Week 23 

so i cried as usual.
worried a lot.
kept on counting d movements...

on Saturday I went to Pantai Puteri Ipoh to scan.
just to satisfy myself and to ensure that both babies are still hanging on.

i was overwhelmed and grateful.

my parents brought me to Cameron Highlands.
they wanted to cheer me up n stop me from worrying too much.

Week 24

i'm currently in my 6th month.

 i went for weekly checkup in HUKM yesterday.
the doctor was so happy to know that both babies are still alive and strong.
little fighters!
they could see an improvement in the doppler test.
the small twin is definitely a strong fighter.
and the normal twin is very generous to share the food.

i'll have my next checkup next week.
they are going to do doppler test and check the growth of both babies.

Ya Allah,
ease this journey...

i hope that everything will go better after this.
i want to have both of u in my arms.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

++ WeeK 22 ++

5 and a half months!
here we are.

last week we went to HUKM as usual.
d Prof in charge was on leave.
but we did doppler scan as scheduled.
waited for our turn nearly 2hours (sbb pompuan tu lupa my turn),
then did d scan for 1hour.
i had backpain n felt pain at tummy area too.
sbb d sonographer tekan2 d tummy.

after doppler scan,
we went down for checkup pulak.
then d doc told me that i dont hv to come on week 21.
i was a bit confused as i know i was scheduled for weekly appointment as d doc said that both babies need to be monitored closely.
then they made several calls to reconfirm my appointment.

d doc said that Prof yg incharge my case told her that from d doppler test they did,
they could see that both babies have positive development.
that is y d doc said i dont have to come weekly anymore.

ya Allah. i am so relief!

d best news ever for the past 2months.

so this week we didnt go to HUKM.
but will go next Tuesday.
rindu sgt nak tengok both babies!!!

i have started buying babies' stuffs.
org cakap awal la n macam2.
i dont care.
d Prof did tell me that d earliest i deliver d twins will b in month tu.
so i better be prepared.

baju twins dah agak banyak.
i havent bought towels,receiving blankets,mittens,booties n etc etc..
expenses jd double tauuu.

currently im addicted to mothercare.
there so many things that i want!

my bffs are offering to sponsor some of the stuffs that i requested.haha.muke x malu!


i have chosen names for both babies too.
ya Allah..ease our journey...