Saturday, March 31, 2012

++ sF fEvEr ++

I would never get enuff of sf adelah hasil from 1st n 2nd haul.3rd haul adelah kiriman from kak yana from korea..ade lg 8 items x masuk dlm dok plan nak lg ke sf!n nak kirim from kak yana lg since she's coming back again this april.

I think i hv influenced some frens to buy sf products.n now ari2 dok whatsapp cite pasal sf!

U should go to 1 of their outlets n get some samples to try at home.1 of d products that i love so much is d sake silky finish powder!mmg best gile!:)

Totally in love with SF!

++ cUppiEs ++

Ini homemade cuppies last week.alter d recipe a bit.saje nak masukkan jgk melting choc tu kan.alhamdulillah sedap n x malu la nak kasi kat kak yana...hikhikhik..

Boleh la slalu buat cuppies kne mntk electric hand whisk la dari Z..X larat nak pukul..


Friday, March 23, 2012

++ ZaReeF 's MiLeStoNeS ++

Zareef turned 1 almost a month ago.
a week after his birthday,
he was very crancky.
it was really testing my patience.
d semeseter was just started n lots of things to cope with.
i know i wasnt the best mother.
but im trying really hard.
i always remind myself that Zareef is still small.
he cant differentiate d rights n d wrongs.
i am d one who have to b matured.
i didnt realize how Zareef has grown up so fast.
he is very good at messing with my clothes.
a minute i leave him in d room,
all of my clothes are scattered on d floor n bed.
that will be his favourite game!
he will be very busy going trough all of my makeup stuffs in d drawers.
separating them into different places.
i put all of my skinfood products on d top shelf of my dressing table.
i feel safe.
but yesterday Zareef climbed on d dressing table to reach the stuffs!
not to mention,
he loves playing with the kitchen utensils!
dont be surprised that u will be able to see my frying pan
n tupperwares all over d place!
sangat letih mengemas rumaahhhhh!
Zareef akan sepahkan 1 spot,
then he will go to other spot utk sepahkan tempat tu pulak.
tempat yg da sepah die x kan main dah.
bila mama kemas,
dia akan sepah kan balik!
game apekah itu?
then i told myself that i shouldnt worried too much
whether d house is ok or not.
Zareef is growing up so i should give him d space that he needs.
even it seems that he needs all the spaces/rooms in d house.
nak g makan.
pampering myself with good food!
i never feel guilty of eating a lot sbb memang x pernah gemuk.

++ CuPcaKinG ++

sy suka cooking n baking.
tp x pandai.
so selalu dah beli macam-macam bahan.
but keep them in kitchen cabinet before getting d mood.
semalam browsed thru Zareef's birthday pics.
tgok cake wondermilk n terus terliur!
secara sepantas kilat bangun g dapor n terus buat
6 ketul cupcakes.
6.15pm - 7.15pm.
ya ya.
macam tepong gomak.
tapi sedap okay.
centred with melting choc!
presentation kureng sbb kelam kabut.
dah kawen ni rupa jatuh no 2 kan.
yg penting rasa!
tp ade sikit kesilapan technical.
last time pon camtu.
setting oven slalu salah.
next time will be extra careful!
Zareef suka gila sampai kejar mama n papa.
bila da abes die nanges.
tapi x boleh bagi banyak,
sikit-sikit boleh la.
btw, im not that rigid sampai anak x boleh makan garam gula langsung.
* different moms hv different styles *

Thursday, March 22, 2012

++ uPdaTe ++

yes kut.
i dunno. but i think im losing d passion to write.
slalu da bukak blogger..
tulis a few lines then delete.
kah kah kah.
mental block kah?

im applying for my Masters.
i applied online since last May.
but dont hv d courage to do so.
tp this time around rase kena buat jugak.
if everything is ok,
ill be in my first sem in september.
nak amek sikit2 ye 1 sem.
nothing to rush.
da memang kat UPM.
so x mo stress.
sbb skrg pon stress je koje.

money status was very OK until my car brokedown in melaka.
*pecah tabung!*

tp shopping mcm x stop.
i bought so many shawls n dress online.
pastu g Alamanda sorang-sorang n shopping lg.
beli 2pairs of carlo rino ex shoes n banyak gila barang skinfood.
currently i'm just falling in love with skinfood.
the products do wonders to my skin!
siap kirim lg 7,8 barang dari my bff's sis yg dok kat korea!
apekah kan.....

im hoping that life could be better in other ways.
in certain aspects.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

++ aLHaMDuLLiLLaH ++

i received a phone call from my coordinator yesterday.
i am offered to teach executive class this semester.
i couldnt b anymore thrilled with d news!
this is sumthing that all instructors hv been waiting for!
sbb bayarannye lumayan sgt!

but when she told me that d class is on saturday 9-12pm,
i was a bit worried.
d only thing that i have in my mind is Zareef.
kak mas doesnt take children on weekends.
i talked to Z n told him that i can ask kak ita [d other bs]
but im not going to send Zareef to any daycare centers.
it scares d hell out of me when reading d news about how they plastered d kids' mouths.

kak ita will charge extra fees on weekend.
it is a flat rate of rm30 for a day. or even for 3hours.
i think i can still manage that.
it is only for 7 saturdays.
this saturday Z is around so i dont need to send Zareef to kak ita...
so Zareef will b sent to kak ita for 6times.
i hope he will be ok.
ever since he recognizes ppl around him,
he tends to cry if being left.
dats what happen every morning.
Zareef will cry n i will cry too....

i want to take this opportunity cause it seldom comes.

i'm waiting for this.


Monday, March 5, 2012

++ WiSHLisT ++

d urge to buy has never stopped!
pantang ade duit sikit....
marah betol kat diri sendiri!

i've been splurging here n there for the past weeks...
now i want to get a new coach handbag.
but been thinking whether it's a wise idea or not.
i want to buy galaxy tab 8.9 too.
can i have both?

or should i just not buy any of them?

i got myself Eliza Diaper Bag from MJBJ...
very roomy!
or is it too big???
it cost me 600!
should say no regret!