Monday, May 23, 2011

++ eMpTiNeSs ++

it's kind of weird seeing me posting entries in a row.
but i desperately need a medium to let out my feelings.
i love writing here.
even though i know time to time stupid stalkers will come n visit me.

my feelings are so uncertain right now.
nothing keeps me sturdy except Zareef.

am i devastated?
am i hurt?
am i betrayed?

i answer a yes for every question up there.

Ya Allah.
i've pictured this so many times before in my mind.
but i never thought it would come true!
but then i should pinch myself now to wake me up from dreaming.

there are so many questions thudding in my head.
the most prominent is "WHY?"
i need the answer so that i can stop blaming n cursing myself.

nah Lya.
u shouldn't blame yourself.


hey you.i hope u know that not all broken hearts can be mended.

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