Friday, April 30, 2010

++ aT LaSt ++

at last...
my wedding dresses hunting is finally over...
z just arrived last nyte.
so today we went to ipoh to look for baju for his house.
we went to a boutique in fair park.
it's been so many times i noticed dat bridal.
so it became our 1st target.
n lucky us.
we didnt have to go for other bridal.
we juz love d black+silver dresses.
sgt cantek pade-mate-kami.
so terus book!
syukur sgt2!
i tot we will go through hard time
finding suitable bajoos.
yela.da suntuk sgt kan.
tp alhamdulillah.
da rezki...
itu merupakan baju baru.
ditempah khas oleh sum1 from kl
who will hv their reception in cameron..
the couple pay 2++k for d new bajoos.
but z n i only need to pay 500.
full accesorries.
d owner even promised me to find a new heel.
we felt lucky!
oleh yg demikian,
sy dengan rasminye mengumumkan bahawe,
kami sudah tak menghadapi masalah baju lg!
mau kawen.mau kawen.mau kawen!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

++ iNviTaTioN CaRd ++

at last...

presenting my humble invitation card...

simple saje kad saye...

tp dgn rase ikhlas hati,

sy menjemput semua yg sudi utk hadir

menjadi saksi hari berbahagia kami...



malu plak rase.

drop ur address if u need d card.

i'll post it to u..


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

++ uPDaTeS ++

been so bz n neglecting my blog!

excuse this bz bride, will yeah?
some quick updates...

#1 unaisah has emailed d designed for my reception dress.
she went to the jakel herself n bought d materials for me.
3days later she showed me two designs n asked me to choose.
n i picked a simple dress with mermaid tail...=p

#2 alhamdulillah, today i managed to find a tailor to tailor z's coat.
n suprisingly his price is very affordable n his work is well known among
kuala kangsarians for baju melayu.
[sorry for d new words.=)]

#3 i managed to complete bakul bunga telur, favor for solemnization, n bekas gelang + bekas cincin. n tomorrow i will continue to tidy up the house.

#4 i did scaling last i have beautiful n clean teeth.=)

#5 i did my new hair style.n feel so sexy...=p

#6 to frens...plz drop ur address ok?i want to post d invitation cards....=)
[blom ade mase nak scan card.maaf ye.]

ohye.aritu nampak ct kat jj ipoh.hiks.
ohye.ade utang tag yg blom dilangsai.nnti ek.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

++ ???? ++

landed safely at my house.
selepas sesat di kl,
berdepan ngan ujan lebat
n 3,4 eksiden all d way.
mencabar betol perjalanan kali ini.

da lamenye tak berblog.
i spent almost 2hours to catch up
other blogs' updates.

i got soo many things to talk too.
i went to upm yesterday.
n instead of started working yesterday,
we agreed to postpone on 3rd may.
so i decided to go home n settle a few stuffs.

z is on d way to buy a house.
selepas sesi perbincangan n a few times
tukar tukar keputusan,
akhirnye we made up our mind.
we chose apartment.
despite of d votes,
z akhirnye akur bahawe
kami blom btol2 mampu nak beli rumah 200k ++.
bley nak beli.
tp pehtu nnti tak dpt la nak tukar kete...
so we decided to start from scratch.
susah susah dulu yayang..
nnti kite bersenang senang
jgn kol eric plak!

d location is in equine park.
is on d 19th floor.
d view is so fascinating.
we are facing d pool.
as well as d jusco.
jusco tu yg penting.
we went there with my family n viewed d house.
it is not very big.
but comfortable enough for us.
we love d house to d bits!

thanks yayang.
at d age 23+,
my life is almost perfect!
getting married,
stable career,
a car,
a house,
happy families.
maybe i should add babies on d list next yer.

muke mintak kesian.aku sesat kat kl n susahkn my bff.=p

Friday, April 16, 2010

++ KaD KaWeN ++

kad kawen da siap.
perasaan adelah nervous mcm mase
kene bjalan depan ramai org nak ke plamin
tym bertunang dulu.

i hope everything is ok.
plz let it be ok

diz is an emotional week for me.
final week being a teacher.
final week meeting great friends here.
final week meeting d crazy students.
final week in kelapa sawit,kulaijaya,johor.
sempat jadi org johor 6bulan!

i couldnt hold my tears back
when saying gudbye to some good frens.
there were a lot of hugs n kisses.
n me wiping tears.

even the students were holding their tears.
i dont realize that they love me.
since i'm a fierce teacher.
so i tot all students might hate me.

n now it's d end,
i feel sad.
gudbye dearies.
thanks for all the priceless experiences.

i might stop blogging for a while.
coz i'm moving to serdang.
n b4 i can bounce on d new life,
i need to settle everything.
will c u soon.
hopefully by dat tym being
i'll b able to blog abt my wedding dresses.

plz pray for me n my new work place.
new frens.
new adventure.
new cycle.
new life.

i luv diz pic.i luv his strong arms.

it portrays d idea of him being my protector, my life saviour.
n with God's will,
i'm going to be nearer to d owner of d strong arms.
n within 55 days,
i'm going to be in those strong arms.

Friday, April 9, 2010

++ WiLL i? ++

incik jam.
can u please stop ticking for a while?
cause u are making me nervous.
62 days to d big day?
with no wedding dress,
dem.i don't feel excited at all.

i only realize that after wedding,
z n i will be living together under 1 same roof.
means i'll need to prepare everything for him.
this never bothered me before.
cause before i got upm offer,
i thought that we are going to live separately.

i was too busy preparing d wedding
that i've forgotten d most important thing is:
wife's responsibilities.

oh my my.
what worry me d most is my cooking.
i know that z is not too fussy about food.
but i am worried.
hm.can i use d word terrified?

i can cook.
i love to cook.
but i don't have d skills.
sometimes it turns out good.
n sometimes it becomes a disaster.
lack of practice maybe?

since i was small,
we have maid at home.
different maids up till i was 18years old.
so i don't have to cook.
i do help mum in d kitchen.
but skills cannot be absorbed through observation.
they need to be practiced!

i'll learn.
i'm sure i can learn fast.
just like my sister.
her cooking is almost like mum's now.
i can be like them.
i must to.

how will it feel to be a wife?
how will it feel to be z's wife?

ehee.diz cartoon is funny.

++ SorRy bUt i LovE u ++

tajuk geli geli.

last nyte before sleeping,
i texted* z a long sms.
n ended up crying under d pillow.

then he replied.

i smiled.
n i was crying n smiling at d same tym.
w/out replying his sms,
i went sleeping.

sorry syg.
i shouldn't have doubted u.

*texted = it is not an english word.i created dat word myself =p. it is a verb that means writing a text message.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

++ uS ++

love lies.
it never blossoms all d tyms.
most of d tym u need to get thru
d bumping n winding route.

ppl change n dats including my beloved fiancee.
since he started working,
he changed a lot.
n he changes even more now.
do i change too?
or should i change?

i dunno.
some frens keep on telling me
dat i shuld see things from d bright side.
but i cant be dat +ve all d tyms.
i guess when money comes in,
d attention moves out.

he's been soooo bz working day n nite.
n i mean it.
day n nite.
sumtimes he worked from 8am-8am.
24hrs or more.

he doesnt have d tym to pampered me as he used to.
no more "no-purpose" sms.
no more telling stories.
no more babbling stuffs dat we do daily.
no more sweet bubble talks.
no more flirty-dirty talk.

i miss him.
i miss him a lot.
i miss him.d old him.

he used to be so funny.
he used to crack stupid jokes.
he used to annoy me with millions ways.

n now i'm annoyed by his work.
n i dunt hv d heart to tell him diz.
he said he loves his job.

i should be more supportive.
think more abt d money he earns.

should behave more like a big girl.
n big girl doesnt cry.
she just cries silently in her heart.

i love u syg.
despite d rambling writing here.
i hope u noe dat.

Monday, April 5, 2010

++ i WisH ++

how i wish i could blog more n more
abt my wedding preps.
but sadly i cant.
everything is stuck at d moment.

going nowhere.

but mum called today
n told me
she has bought quite a lot of things for d favours.

love u mum!

n lovelies.
presenting my bridesmaid!

she's my bestfren,
my enemy,
my love
my hatred.
she's everything dat bottled up to spice my life.

excuse my lame smile.i was too tired.

it's alwiz her n z
dat i will ring 1st when i hv something to gossip on.

n i think i love z
because z has some parts of her.

we can share laughs n tears together.


still remember how we laughed so hard
dat we clutched to our stomachs.
giggling dat annoyed other ppl.

i miss those moments though.

juz hope that she wont make me laugh
during sanding ceremony.
i'll kill her definitely.

this is z's best man.

i'm hoping he n her will hv something special in d future.
*sigh again*

do future brides sigh a lot as i do?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

++ hOmE sWeeT hOmE ++

i'm torn between an apartment o a terrace house.
i love apartment.
always did.
n still do.

but z prefers a terrace house.
o dlm bahase kami,
"rumah bertanah".

z n i r looking for a potential house
for us to start our new life =)

i kept on asking z to find an apartment.
while z seems to object d idea.
but he's too kind to break his future wife's heart.

secare halus z cube pujuk aku utk umah bertanah.
here r d reasons he gave me:
  • 1st reason sbb ade tanah. so senang nak renovate.
  • sng nak parking kete btol2 depan pintu umah.
  • if relatives dtg pon sng nak park.[u noe apt,susah nk dpt parking]
  • spacious.ade anak2 nnti senang.
  • rumah tak tinggi.senang nak bawak masuk prabot.
  • ade porch tuk basuh kete n maen kejar2 ngan aku kat yard.
d last reason is d sweetest kan.pandai die nak pancing aku.huh.

i love apartment!
  • i love tall gives me d ideas of living in d everytym balek rumah rase cam menginap di hotel.
  • i love d balcony n d view.i always dream dat z n i will be sitting together at d balcony, admiring d fascinating view.n d breeze.
ehem.tu je reasons aku bley bg.such a loser.

nmpaknye z mungkin akan menang dlm battle ini.