Monday, April 25, 2011

++ ByE bYe ++

my little zarref n i are going back to kl tomorrow.
i'm having this blended feelings going around for the past few days.
i'm not sure whether i will b ok handling zareef when z goes out to work.
n whether z will be able to wake up late at nights if zareef is cranky.
n whether z n i will be able to look after him after his 2nd jab.

owh.i'm so nervous!

will i be able to run house chores n babysit zareef at d same time?

mum,dad n my sister are not around to take turn babysitting zareef anymore!

thanks everyone!
u have been such a great help for the new mummy.

zareef definitely gonna miss everyone at kampong.
n i bet they will miss him too....

zareef's first video
__apple of my heart__

Saturday, April 23, 2011

++ oF mY dReaM sTRoLLeR ++

yes.i bought the stroller already.
at first i asked z to find d stroller in KL.
but after making a few phone calls,
the model that i want is out of stock for black color.
so i asked z to bank in to me so that i can try to find in ipoh.

oh,btw, i went to pantai pu3 today to take my family planning injection! he.he.he.

so i went to BeBe shop behind JJ.
they have the model but it is display stock.
i asked the promoter to explain the features n all.
the condition is excellent as they just put it up for display.
sumore the stroller comes together with the head support for the newborn.
i called z n asked him whether i should buy it or not.
after a short discussion,
i decided to take the stroller.
i cant wait for the shops in KL to restock for black color!

n yes!
now bb Zareef has his own stroller!
if u remember this n3,
i planned to buy SCR stroller before this.
but rezeki bb Zareef,
with extra budget,
he owns the Maclaren Techni XT 2010.

i tried to put him in the stroller.
but he seemed uncomfortable.
1st time kot.hehe.
anak mummy jgn ngade ye.
beli mahal ni!

maclaren xt with head support

Thursday, April 21, 2011

++ TraVeLinG foR Bb ZaReeF ++

tengah bodek dd Z beli these two items tomorrow.

++ tommee tippee ++

barang tommee tippee si kecik yg tak bape nak kecik ni da sampai.
punye la eksaited mummy nye!

sejak da lame tak pump,
hasil tenusu adelah agak merudum.

td pump cepat-cepat sebab nak try pakai botol.
dapat 1oz je.
pehtu terus suap kat bb zareef.
ingatkan die tolak sbb a few days ni mmg tgah try asuh die pakai botol.
tp sume die tamo.
n alhamdulillah teat ni sesuai kot dgn die.
die minum sampai abes.
n tak cukup plak.
terpakse direct bf je.

arap-arap pehni pon die nak la minum dari botol nih.
kalu betol ok,
nak beli beberape lagi barang tommee tippee.

ok dats all.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


currently both mommy n bb zareef r at seri kembangan.
home sweet home.
arrived last nyte at 10pm.

dd z was so excited as it was bb zareef's 1st visit
to our home.
n zareef was doing fine for the first few hours untillllll....

i brought him in our room to sleep on the bed
when he suddenly cried out very loud
like i had never seen before.
i tried to soothe him by breastfeeding him,
but he refused.

my mum came in n cuddled him n brought him to the hall.
he stopped crying but thru out the nite he was so cranky.
he didnt sleep well.
my mum didnt sleep well.
i didnt sleep well.
but dd z slept very well.

maybe it was his 1st time sleeping at new place.
sumore it was a long journey for him.
i hope everything will be okay tonite.

btw,we are going back on sunday.
end of april we will move back to seri kembangan.

Monday, April 11, 2011

++ FrEe ++

D latest me.

Yesterday was d 44th day.
Had a small feast.
N bb zareef was shaved!
But m0mmy g0t flu n feels like getting fever.hmm.

Da bley makan mcm-mcm!=)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

++ of 2nD BaBy ++

two days after i was discharged,

z came upon me while i was breastfeeding bb zareef.

sitting next to me,

he suddenly bluttered out this line.

"in a year or two, we r going to have a baby gurl k?"

n i was like "huh??"

still traumatised by the experience,

i couldn't stop from giving him a sharp look!


while i was bz calculating the family plan inside my head,

he was doing his too.

d problem is the numbers are not synchronised.

it is undeniable that d fact of having bb zareef

has really bring a lot of happiness in our life...

but planning on a new one?

is just not in my plan.

both of our mums,relatives,friends,doctor n nurses

keep on reminding us of how "healthy" we are

n how important for us to do family planning.

now that i'm about to finish my confinement,

i keep on receiving warning from both mums

to prevent sex for at least 1 more month.

they are sooo worried seeing z n i sitting close,

hugging n kissing each other.

[kiss here means kisses on forehead n cheeks]


when we met my gynae the other day, she listed out 4 options to do family planning.

  1. contraceptive pills - for breastfeed mommies, there is only 1 type of contraceptive pills can be taken ; which i have forgotten the name. ;)

  2. implanon - planting a hormonal cip or something at ur lasts for 3years n chances of getting pregnant is very low.

  3. CIUD - planting something in ur uterus which will alter the condition in uterus which will lead to failure of getting preganant.

  4. injection - every 3months u need to take this injection n chances of getting pregnant is low. but chances of gaining weight is quite high ; which i like!

so, z n i have decided to go for 4th option.

n my mum keep on reminding me

to take the injection as soon as possible.

in other words ; before intercourse.


I believe in 2-3years time,

We are going to plan for second baby.

A baby gurl perhaps? J

It's just that for the time being,

I would like to give all attention n love

To this only prince.

Not to mention,

To chase some dreamsssss…J

…Heart melting…

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

++ My HeRo ++

i know that some people doubted me

when i say that i'll go for normal delivery.

with d bb's big size,n me known as "manja-manja" type,

they bet that i will go for c-zer.

but alhamdulillah...

even though it wasn't completely normal delivery,

[with d help of vacuum suction],

i managed to proof that i was a warrior that day!

in my family,bb zareef was born with d heaviest weight.

in z's family, his brother's son was 3.6kg,

but his wife was c-zered.

not to brag!

everything happens with Allah's will.

n aside from that,

i am really thankful that z was at my side on that very moment.

we had plan actually.

we decided to go for normal delivery no matter wut happen.

except if the condition endanger the bb or me myself.

n if i can't endure with d pain,

the second option will be epidural.

on that day itself,

z never left my side;unless for certain reasons.

he was there,

reciting the prayers n surah-surah.

the louder i sighed [because of the crazy contractions],

the louder he recited the prayers.

it seemed funny now.hehe.

but i know he was nervous too.

when i went into the toilet to clean the bowel,

he insisted to go in as well;

which i wasn't agree at all.

despite the pain,i felt ashamed!

he left the door ajar n kept on calling my name

to make sure that i was ok.

i know that some moments,

he peeped thru when i didn't reply.


there was one time where z waited outside

to let his mother in.

shyly after 10mins,i asked my mother in law to call z in.

i dunno.

at that moment,

i just need him to be around,

patting my back,hold my hand,

give supportive kisses n words.

n after 6hours in the labour room,

the very speacial experience had tied us stronger.

it was the beginning of a new journey.

the journey of parenthood...

i love u z.

thanks for being such a great husband.

and a great dad to a great bb.


we have a great life.


there,he was holding the bb n reciting azan n iqamat

Monday, April 4, 2011

++ DeTiK iTu...Last ParT ++

bile bukaan da 8cm (2.15pm),

saket mcm menggila jugak la.

bile doc dtg,

aku mintak epidural lg.

tp doc cakap tak payah.

sbb die kate b4 kul 3 patutnye aku da bley bersalin.

sementara nak tggu 8cm ke 10cm tu pon azab.

waktu tu rase saket contraction tak kuat,

tp lebey kepade rase nak berak.

so banyak kali la aku bising kat nurse cakap nak berak.

nurse cakap bukan nak berak,

tp kepale bb da dekat sgt kat bawah tu.

tp aku insist jugak nak berak.

nurse malas nak layan!hahaha.

kul 2.30 nurse VE lg,

baru 9cm.

dorg tak bg push slagi belom 10cm.

yg aku pulak masih bising cakap nak berak.

agak gile dctu.

2.45 baru bukak 10cm.

waktu tu nurse terus cakap,

"ok!skrang boley berak!"


aku pon terus teran kuat-kuat.

z,doc n nurses sume jd cheerleaders la.

tapi my main problem was lack of energy.

sbb pagi tu cume makan kuih ketayap n kurma je.

so mmg da tak larat nak push :(

tambah pulak kepale bb zareef is bigggg...

almost half an hour try push,

last-last terpakse vacuum!

tp bile vacuum bukan bermakne tak perlu push,

still kena!n aku amik mase lame jugak nak push!

1 moment tu,aku berhenti push n buat taktahu je sbb da tak larat sgt.

nurse marah!


bukak 10cm at 2.45pm,

at 3.45pm baru bb zareef slmat melihat dunia!


doc terus letak bb atas perot aku.

perasaan adelah campor baur.

tapi yang pasti relief gile.

lepas nurse tunjuk bird-bird bb zareef

to confirm d gender,

dorg bawak bb keluar untuk dibersihkan.

waktu tu dengar bb nanges kuaaatttt amat!

n mummy bersedia untuk di stitch.

doc gunting agak banyak T-T

waktu kene gunting tu,

aku nampak,tapi siyes tak rase pape.

mase stitch da kene bius,

tapi rase skit-skit je.

mcm kene gigit semut.hehe.

z temankan aku smpai abes stitch.

n waktu tu aku n z pandang-pandang

pegang tangan n senyum kat 1 sama laen.


i stayed in d labour room smpai pukul 5 to rest.

waktu tu z dah keluar g tgok bb.

families n relatives pon da ramai kat luar tengok bb.

aku je dok kebil-kebil dlm bilik.

1st time bangun,terus muntah.

i think effect bius.

n masih muntah-muntah sampai pukul 8mlm.

minum n makan muntah je.

so kene cucuk kat muntot ubat tahan muntah.

lepas tu baru ok.

tp energy level still low.

i think that is normal after bertarung nyawa kan!

ok. thats all.

semoge coretan ni jd kenangan tuk diri sendiri.


beberape saat selepas keluar dari rahim.

doc put him on my tummy.

while daddy sempat grabbed his hp to capture d momment.