Tuesday, May 3, 2011

++ bB ZaReeF vS PaPa-MaMa ++

when u have a kid,
ur entire life is about him.
u'll always put him in priority.
n it seems that u don't have to make second thought
when spending money for him.

we went to ikea on thursday with my family. the main reason was the meatballs.haha. but my mum wanted to do some shopping so we followed along n bought a few stuffs for the house n zareef which cost z 100++.

on saturday nite,we went to giant.
buying some food stocks,home appliances,
n of cos zareef's stuffs which cost z 400 ++.

on sunday we went to littlewihz at setia alam. finally i bought medela mini electric! it comes with autumnz cooler bag,8 bottles storage n 3pcs icepack.

yehuuu!tak payah manual pumping yg cukup melenguhkan!
z bought car seat n the head support.
n i bought bumble bee dimple n pacifying pillow
n muchkin drying rack.
total up at littlewhiz cost both of us 1k ++ all for this little tot!huhu.

then we went to kl convention centre in klcc.
homedec was on.
it was really hard to find a parking spot.
bile dpt,
zareef pulak mengamuk nak tido.
we were in the car at the basement for 1hour!
bile zareef da btol-btol tido,
baru kami masuk.
after 3hours,
z paid deposit for wallpaper n curtains.
insyaAllah,soon enuff our house akn berwajah baru.
*can't wait*

mama ada beberapa lagi wishlist utk complete kan barang zareef.



p dot s:: sekarang ni barang papa n mama da on d bottom of the list!huh.

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