Friday, May 20, 2011

++ MiLK ++

before this, i used to think that breastfeeding was sooo not in trend.i thought that it would be easier and better to give formula milk to babies.only when i was pregnant, i started googling about breastfeeding.n when z started to interfere,i became so serious about breastfeeding Zareef.

n as i mentioned in previous n3,it is not that easy.u need to have the equipments n eventho it is a big investment,but for long run,it will benefit u n d baby insyaAllah.

i was so worried before this with the milk production.when most breastfeed mommies are period-free for months,i already got mine for twice!when u r in menstrual cycle,the milk production is declining.that was what happened to me.

i started my milk stock last 3weeks.having Zareef 24/7, i would not be able to pump seriously.his sleeping time is d best time for me to run house the time i hold medela,he will wake up n demand for milk.when i went to nilai last two days,i realized that i managed to pump out 10 oz in one session.alhamdulillah.i'm going to start working by next i hope that i will b able to supply sufficient milk stock for Zareef!insyaAllah.

today z n i will need to purchase another dozen of milk storage bottles n the BPA-free plastics storage as well.i like mom's little one bottles!fit well with medela n the indicators r cute!hihi.

the best thing about breastfeed our babies is seeing how he gains his weight n develops body cells from ur own milk!every drop of mom's milk = every drop of blood = love!

up to today, i have 16bottles that consist 4 @ 5oz milk =65+ oz and some milk in plastic bags that i'm not sure of the total amount.yes,my friends have more milk stocks from mine,but i'm thankful with what gifted by Allah as for today.

makanan Zareef.

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