Wednesday, May 11, 2011

++ BrEaStFeeDiNg JouRNeY ++

breastfeed my baby is not as easy as i thought.
dulu ingat when it's time,
just selak n sumbat.
but it is wayyyy more complicated than that.
u need strength, determination,patience,passion,
n a lot more!

i have been breastfeeding my baby for 2months++.
inilah rezeki Allah utk Zareef.
sampai bila taktahu la...
but hopefully biarlah selama yg mungkin.

during confinement,
my milk was like waterfall.;p
but i didnt have the chance to make milk stock
since my mum's fridge is full all the time.
so when i went back to KL,
z n i bought electric breast pump
n i started to take things seriously.
making stock before i go back to work.
but somehow the milk production is quite disappointing...
i tried everything that i could.
i made research,i made purchases.
yes, i bought milk booster from amway.
i bought fenugreek chocolate drink.

the milk production has made me smile again.
the milk stocks r nothing to be proud of.
i still need to work hard.
i need to discipline myself with pumping sessions.
no more skipping sessions.

hopefully dengan usaha ini,
Allah akan berkati dengan susu yg melimpah ruah.

everything for u Zareef.
always the best for u, Allah's will.

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YuNyLoveSYou said...

terharu aku baca ni.. ini lah dia kesungguhan ibu untuk buat yang terbaik for anak... kasih sayang ibu sgt terulung!