Thursday, December 31, 2009

++neW yeaR ++

penah tak korg tuleh n3 panjang panjang,
buh gambo bagai,
tp last last bile post,
jd mcm kat bawah neh?
bengang okeh.
ilang mood aku nak berkarya.
nnti nnti la aku sambung stori mori okeh.

aku nak siap siap.
mau g dating ngan incik z.
die da dapat gaji.

esok aku keje.
so nak wish in advanced,

*heppy new year*

welcome 2010!
no spesific resolutions since i noe dat i wont fulfill any of them.
just lots n lots of prayers n hope dat diz 2010 will bring me
a lot n a lot of happiness...
n insyaAllah...
i'm going to become some1's wifey in mid year!
*pray hard*

got so many stories to share wif.
tggu wiken nnti baru senang sket [kot].

to all readers;
heppy new year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

++ n3 MaRaThoN ++

++ n3 MaRaThoN ++

sudah lame x update.
my schedule for d past two weeks were damned pack.
bile da lame x update,
haruslah ade byk cite nak share kan.
so i'm gonna do n3 marathon.
there r 3 main stories to be shared.
so aku nak separatekan dlm n3 yg berbeda.
sbb if i drag in 1 n3,
it would be too long kan.

1st story::

as most of u knew,
i went to 2 interviews last week.
1 was on 22nd n d other 1 was on 24th.
1 was in upm n d other 1 was in upsi.
both offered d same post which is language teacher.

in upm:
i needed to sit for written test n faced 5 panels during d interview.
d interview was quite ok.
it was merely like a chit chat.
wat penat je hafal name chancellor,vc bagai.
[i went crazy memorizing those long names]
but d written test was suck.
we needed to write 500 words error-free essay.
susah pade aku.
coz it's been soooo long dat i havent written any essays.
d panels told me dat d results r going to be release within 3 to 6 months tym.
lame kan!

in upsi::
there was no interview.
it was juz d mock teaching.
fyi, i didnt get any letter.
1 week b4 d interview,
i received a phone call asking me to come for d mock teaching.
n d person on d line didnt brief me on wut to do.
luckily i asked my fren n she told me dat i need to prepare d slide ppt.
as both interview dates were near,
i was bz preparing myself for d upm interview.
n i got only 1 day to prepare for upsi.
with my fren's opinion,
i did d mock teaching for affixes.
i tried to use interactive buttons n hyperlinks in my slides
n i guess i've impressed them.
ryte after my presentation,
they said "good" for several tyms.
however,i'm not sure when they gonna get back to me.

not rase rase nye yg upm mmg out.yg upsi 50-50.
doa ek....

footnotes for ayun::i'm sooo bz skang.aku nak cite kat tade mase nak ym!ampun.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

++ bLaSt WikEn ++

maseh di rumah.
esok baru g melake.
isnin ke serdang.
selase balek rumah.

td kua ngan gf sejak dari darjah 2.
had soooo much fun hanging around.
watched santau yg menakutkan.
*ok,bg la cite antu pape,konpem aku takut*

gossiping n of cos shopping.

asalnye aku mmg tamo shopping.
nak simpan duet utk kawen je.
mule mule masuk levis,
da nak amek selai suar.
tp aku cepat cepat sabarkan diri.
*n berjaye tahan dari beli suar tuh!*
tp TERajak gf aku masuk mng.
*niat nak cuci mate saje*
omg!ade sales gegile okeh!
mmg siyes sales.

aku da TERbeli 3helai tops...
bebi, i janji ni last i jd gile camneh ok!
so to all mng lovers sekitar ipoh,
sile serbu mng outlet di jj kinta city.

n then g masuk guess.
ade hbag baru.
haduhhh...menawan kalbu.
kaler merah.
n guess wut?

guess wat myr100 instant rebate
[for every purchase more than myr300.]
so kalu hbag tuh myr349,
akan jd myr249!
sgt worth it.
tp aku da beli last wik kat penang.
promotion smpai esok je.
sape sape ade duet sile serbu guess.

aku berjaye beli majalah ratu sehari.
jenuh aku cari tau.
last last jupe kat mph.

suke sgt mjalah neh!
lg bes dari pengantin.
tp rupenye die kuar 3kali je setahun...

n pliz pliz pliz..
doakan kemudahan aku tuk interview nnti.
sgt stress.
malasnye nak g.
aku tak ske interview!

p/s: asalnye aku bawak kuar duet 150 je.konon konon duet sket takkan kat mng bley swipe!ces.dasar shopaholic!

majalah ratu sehari edisi 9, majalah pengantin jan2010 + diari ratu sehari

Friday, December 18, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ my mum n i went to discuss wif kak ain diz was a long yet interesting discussion. actly she doesnt want to do any pelamin because according to her it is quite "leceh" [couldnt find d correct word =p],but when we came, she just couldnt resist d offer cos we have a very good bussiness r/ship.heheheh.

♥ i showed her some of d designs of dias dat catch my mum's n my eyes. we also looked for some of her collections. she has a good profile. last yer she organized a wedding dat was attended by sultan perak. n after sharing our ideas, we came out wif a theme. it's going to be an english style dias wif "pergola". d colors will b white n red. n yeap.we will be using a lot of fresh flowers n some artificial flowers.

♥ my mum also wants to make new curtains.d materials,colors n design have not yet to be decided. i'll leave it to them to decide as i will not b around after diz. n my mum also wants to decorate bilik pengantin wif wall papers. i love d design!but unfortunately, it is out of stock. i will let my mum n sisters pick out d new design later on.

♥ kak ain is going to medan,indonesia next two weeks. she welcomes us to join her on d trip. it will be on 8th of january..i wanted to go but i've booked d kursus my mum might be going wif my sisters n brother. they will buy d lace for d family n i will buy in kl. they insisted me to follow them, but i cant go.huhu.abah said maybe we can go to bandung. if it's true, maybe i can order d invi cards from indonesia coz the vendors there offer cheaper prices.however,this is just a plan...

♥ after almost 3hours of discussion, i had passed most of d burden to her shoulder. kak ain will be incharged for:

♫ 2 dias.1 for solemnization ceremony n another 1 for d reception.

♫ d walkway wif two arches.

♫ decoration for d room

♫ dining table decoration plus d back drop

♫ decoration at d stairs

♫ new curtains

♫ hantaran for both sides.hiks.not as excited as last tym when i did all d hantarans for both sides.

huh. felt so much relief!i noe i made d right decision by hiring kak ain to organize d wedding. she has d same taste as mine. n she's very open to our ideas!nothing much to worry wif her work.

now i need to focus on d materials n design for my solemnization dress. d girl from d bridal house told me dat we need to send d materials atleast 4months before d big day!n i still dunno wut to wear on dat day.maybe in mid february i can drag z to jalan tar n do "kain hunting" n straight away send to d tailor.

♥ should pause d wedding planning for a while. i need to focus for upcoming interviews. i get cold feet okeh!sgt takut.especially when i need to talk in front of people.superb people who will be judging every single word n gesture dat i make.huh.plz pray d best for me. it's ok if i dont get d job,but i must do my very best for both interviews!

♥ till here then. bubye!

oh kejap kejap.ade sekor kuceng betina beranak 5ekor anak n sorok anak die bawah katil.sgt comel!!!

yg latest kami da simpan mereka n ibu mereka dlm kandang.siap ade slimut.

ni la 3ketul oragnizers yg simpan maklumat kawen aku.hahaha.