Tuesday, March 30, 2010

++ 1sT LovE ++

how did 1st love affect u?
or should i rephrase,
how DOES 1st love affect u?

1st love is always d sweetest to some ppl.
coz dat was our 1st step of knowing d opposite gender.
d 1st tym we learnt to love sum1 else either than family n frens.
d 1st trigger to explore abt d other feeling n blablabla...

i was goggling juz now.
n end up wif my 1st ex's fb.
i was quite surprised.
it is a private profile after all.
i juz hv a glance at his profile pic.
it was d picture of him alone when we were still together.
[i snapped d pic]
da lame tu.

i didnt make frens wif all of my exes.
[they were quite a number]
i chose it dat way.
we CANT be frens.
i dunt want to explain d reasons.
it's juz like dat.

it was a 4yers r/ship.
i do hope dat he's getting his own happiness.
meeting sum1 special who will b good at him.
i am so sorry for wut had happened.
being me d heartbreaker,
i did break my heart a few tyms too.
we ended up d r/ship coz i insisted so.
no apparent reasons.
there were some actly,
but leave them there.=)

i know z's 1st love.
all of my schoolmates know!
my very own classmate mase f3!
i dont get jealous wif her.
she's my fren afterall
n it was an old history.=)

as for me...
no matter how deep d love was,
no matter how long d r/ship was,
no matter he was THE #1 to carve on my heart,
no matter how fast my heart beats when looking at his pic,
it is a WAS.
n i dont care much abt d PAST.
it is juz a piece of memory.
wut i concern more is d PRESENT.
d man dat takes me as part of his life.
that does matter to me.

i love u dear.
u were not d FIRST
but i'm glad dat u r d LAST
to shut n lock my heart.

++ ttG iTu ++

siang td aku trime sms dari bff.
mintak pendapat ttg perkongsian duet hantaran.

seblom aku jwb persoalan ini,
aku nak mohon maaf dulu.
kot kot la jwapan o pendapat aku tak same ngan org len.

ok.pade aku tade salahnye berkongsi duet hantaran.
sbb duet hntaran skrg bukan angka kecik.
sume nye angka besar.
n blnja kawen bukan bende maen maen.
mmg pening kpla dibuatnye kalu tak betul manage duet.

kalu nak arapkan yg lelaki seorang menanggung semue,
mmg kesian la aku rase.

taking my case as an example:
duet hantaran aku adelah **k.
mas kawen *k.
gelang utk batal air smbhyg *k.
total sume da **k.
tmbah lg dengan knduri belah laki dlm 10k.
jd ko total sndiri la bape.
tu baru yg asas.
tak kire lg beli brg hantaran,
baju kawen,
kad kawen,
photog n blablabla.

sng cite,
bajet kawen aku bley beli sebijik rumah.
rumah jenis ape biarlah rahsie.

kalu nak biar z tanggung sorang,
lepas kawen sebulan konpom kene kejar ngan along.
[kalu z minjam kat along]

duet mas kawen n gelang tu adiah suami tuk istri.
so yg tu biarla z usaha sndiri.
tak payah tanye bape byk aku tlg.
aku tlg stakat yg termampu je.
tak dpt bg duet,
tlg la buatkan bunga bunga telur tuk belah sane.

aku ade dgar kes;
pompuan tanak tlg sesen pon tym kawen
sbb die rase laki tu kene usaha sndiri.
yup.aku stuju jgk.
tp sbg [bakal] istri,bukan kah jd kewajipan kite
tuk senangkan suami?
tak pyh la tlg byk byk.
tp bantuan yg kecil tu pon da bley melapangkan ati [bakal] suami.
sbb yg lebih penting adelah hidup lepas kawen nnti kan.
kalu abes sume simpanan utk mjlis kawen,
lepas kawen mari makan pasir.

jd pade aku,
tak salah bantu membantu.
tp jgn la sume pon ko support.
tu kawen free namenye.
biarlah [bakal] suami terdidik dgn rase tanggungjawab
n rase susah tuk memilikki kite jugak.

pakcik aku kawen umo 40 sbb nak kumpul aset.
skang umo die da 50 anak kecik kecik lg.
huh.tamo i.
lgpon tak elok lewatkan bende elok kan.
bukan masalah gatei nak kawen o takut dirampas.
aku pecaye pd jodoh Allah.
cume aku tanak wat dosa kering.
aku awal awal da cakap kat z.
kalu rase lmbat lg nak kawen,
kite tak payah jupe jupe.
chenta kat hp je.
jgn bohong cakap tak penah pegang tangan!

sbb da plan nak kawen,
kerap la plak jupe kan.
hm.ajaran sesat jugak neh.

apepon tepuk dada tanye akal.
hidup ni kite yg tentukan.
jgn rumitkan bende yg mudah.
renung renungkan.dan slamat beramal!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

++eDiSi BuMpEr ++

it's been so long i stopped blogging.
diz was 1 hectic week for me.
byk gilak keje.
everytime i switch on d laptop,
my eyes will shut down.hahaha.

actly i'm still thrilled abt moving to upm serdang!
it's like a dream come true!

  1. it's in serdang baby!near to my future hubby.so we r going to live together after d wedd.no PJJ![pengantin jarak jauh]
  2. d opportunities that UPM r offering me.UPM will sponsor us[d educators there] to further studies in Masters n PhD.isn't dat great?
  3. it's a permanent job.not a contract n hey,i'm still working under government n entitled for all d privilleges.
  4. d salary is higher.alhamdulillah.it hits my target.it will be more than 2.5k.
  5. i'm not a cekgu anymore.=p
  6. i can wear any formal working attire.atleast no more baju kurung mon-friday.
alhamdulillah!syukur atas rezki kurniaan Allah.

btw,preps for wedding r still on progress.
during d 1week school holidays,
i've bought some of the items for d big day.
also, z n i went to nilai to buy d wedd favours for his side.
i've also bought d ring for z
n booked myself a bracelet.

yesterday my mum called me,
telling me dat she splurged 3k at ssf n kk home deco.
i dunno wut she bought
n was really surprised with d amount.
isk isk isk.
now i know from where did i inherit diz splurging habit.

a few things still buzzing my head.
d wedding attires!
aha.smpai skrg maseh jalan buntu.
adekah tade baju bersanding nnt?

n i'm looking for a house to rent near upm area.
sbb after a month working there,
z will move in with me.
not to mention,
i need to buy the necessities for d house.
gonna start from scratch sbb both z n i tade assets.

korang bg adiah set perabot rumah bley?

Monday, March 22, 2010

++ ReZeKi PeNgaNTiN ++

diz few weeks,
aku asik saket saket.
from 1 to another.
smpai da rase putus ase.
tp atas semangat loved ones,
aku rase kuat jugak tuk tempuh sume neh.

d latest,i got some allergic symptoms
on my face n some parts of d body.
my lips r numb n very dry.
n very itchy.
small dots appeared in d eyes area.
n again,they r very itchy too.
my face somehow looks like it is slightly bigger;
due to the bengkak.
doc said im allergic to something.
i've taken d medicine but still no different.
so maybe i should take for an injection later on.

i am totally depressed wif my health condition.
i am so freaking worried!
plz doakan aku sehat n walafiat ok!

luckily there's 1 news dat spice up my mood today!

i still remember when z broke d news,
abt him moving back to kl in early feb...
we both were so sad.
i bet he wanted to cry when he heard my voice
on d other line.
n today,
he said he wanted to cry when i told him d news.
i'm moving to upm serdang.
received a letter today that i made it for d interviews.
syukur Alhamdulillah!
mungkin ni ganjaran selepas byk dugaan!
i'm going to upm...soon!=)

n diz is a picture of my first trial on pomander balls.
i couldnt find the sphere polystyrene.
pandai pandai je acu bunga tu smpai jd bulat n ikat ngan dawai.
agak buruk since 1st tym buatkan.
but i'm going to give diz to my bestfren in johor.
die hampir menanges bile dpt tahu aku akan pindah kl.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

++ oF gYnaE n OphtaL ++

td pegi ke pantai pu3 utk bertemu dgn gynaecologist.
bertanyekan ttg menstrual cycle aku tuh la.
jd lepas bincang bincang,
doc suggest aku sumthing.
n aku pon setuju la...
insyaAllah,tym kawen bukan tym peod.
then doc ajak aku scan rahim.
ok.sgt teruja.
wahal bukan ade baby pon.
tp cam bes la.
die tunjuk tunjuk sume.
n alhamdulillah.
rahim aku normal n tade masalah.
bley lahirkan babies cumel n manyak manyak tuk z!
she even suggested me to take acid folic
at least 3months before planning on to have babies.
tp wat mase neh aku n z blom pk smpai ctu.
sbb kami pon after kawen akn berjauhan.
so nnti la dulu.
tp kalu kot da rezki nnti,alhamdulillah.
then ke ipoh specialist utk berjumpe ophtalmologist.
pasal mate aku yg mcm ade bengkak nanah.
n surprise surprise.
i need to undergo a minor surgery.
lemah lutut aku dengar.
aku mmg tamo.
so for d tym being amek ubat titik dulu.
then tgok la cmne.
aku tamo operate.
doc cakap mmg takpe sbb bukan cancer o pape.
tp z bising suh buang jugak.
smpai terbergaduh la ngan z td.
aku tahu die marah sbb bimbangkan aku.
tp aku takuttttt sgt!
so ntah la.
juz arap ngan ubat titik neh die bley surut!

Friday, March 12, 2010

++ MenStrUaL cYcLe ++

knowing dat i'm getting married,
i've started observing my cycle since last yer.

towards d end of d yer,
i found dat it hit in d middle of d month.
around 14,15 or 16th...

then early diz yer in january,
it hit on 13th...

n for february n march,
it hit on 10th...

10 adelah hari nikah ok.
if it maintains d cycle,
surely i'm having period during
d 4days of my weddings days.
[10-13th of june]

bley meroyan aku.
bukan meroyan sbb tak dpt
melaram lasenza nighties or
x dpt itut..
we got d whole life time for dat bebeh.

tp masalahnye adelah PMS.
sejak sejak nak kawen neh,
gejala PMS adelah musuh utama aku.
a few days b4 d day,
aku akan sakit pinggang ke bawah.
kaki lenguh mcm nak tercabut.
pinggang sakit mcm nak putus.
kdg kdg sakit bahu mcm baru lepas wrestling.
sungguh tak paham.
masuk kelas aku akan tarik kusi ke tengah n duduk.
aku tak bley nak aktif mcm slalu.
mood tak usah cite la.
muke mcm baru lepas branak kembar 10.
n not to mention d pimples yg sebuk nak tingok dunia.

sblom neh tade la mcmni sgt.
kdg kdg je aku kene period pain.
tp sgt jarang la.
tp da dekat dekat nak kawen neh baru jd camne.
adekah hormon bley mentafsir naluri keisterian n keibuan aku?
lantas menduga tahap kesabaran aku?

a few days before d wedding dates
r d most important days.
i read d once b2b blogs...
mmg tym tuh la baru nak
prasan mcm mcm bende tak cukup!
tym tym tuh la b2b jd runner ke sane cni.
stamina kene kuat!
tp aku tym PMS adelah tym terbaring lesu...

n dgn baju solemnization yg light gold,
isk risaunye kot tetibe ade perisa laen karang.
plus muke yg berjerawat besar flowerhorn,
mungkin akan menyebabkan
org mekap nyumpah nyumpah dlm ati.

risaunye i.
tp ade yg cakap kdg kdg
peod tak dtg sbb terlalu stress.
atau maybe dtg lebey awal dari actual date.
jd aku kene stress gegile supaye die tak kene tarikh kawen.
or maybe i should juz change d dates
n kene lempang ngan z.hahaha.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


kugeeku baru email artwork dorg.
owh.so cute!
hati yg tengah panas terus tersenyum tau.

tp aku mintak die ubahkan sket muke aku.
tu saje.
tggu die email yg latest.
if sume ok,
then bley trus jalan final artwork.

nak tgok ke?
nnti ek!

bg yg tak tahu,
aku tempah tetris glass 4sides story kat kugeeku.
door gift special utk kwn kwn

Monday, March 8, 2010

++SeLaMaT JaLaN++

mak,abah,adik,boboy,opah,pakchu n anak pakcu
sume akan berangkat ke tanah suci mekah esok...
i was supposed to b 1 of them...
tp disebabkan masalah baru keje n susah nak dpt cuti,
i pull off.

sgt sedey sbb tak dapat jupe family b4 dorg pegi.
semoge Allah permudahkan sgala2nya utk mereka.
diberi kesihatan n kemudahan utk melaksanakan ibadah.

insyaAllah mak akan belikan tasbih utk gift mlm nikah
n carik quran utk hantaran.

owh.alhamdulillah.i found sum1 to make my reception dress!gracias~

++ aYun n SaLMaN ++

sorry for d late review!
i guess inai kat jari ayun da nak abes kot?
[unless kalu hg topup tuk mjlis pahang]

aku ade ramai bffs!
dari skolah,matriks,uni yers n working fields.
n ayun is a fren dat i met during uni yers.
became close in 2nd yer...
we share secrets,gossips,tears n laughters...
n dlm ramai ramai bffs,
dia la yg 1st kawen.

i never experience a bff getting married.
i dunno bout u.
but i felt a sense of losing in my heart.
on her solemnization day,
i text her a very long sms...
telling her how sad i was.
mcm bodo kan.
tp yeap,
sgt sedey.
n sgt risau sbb nnti die jd istri org,
will she remain as my bff?

she's 1 of my shoulders to cry on.
she' alwiz here for me when i need sum1 to b d punch bag.
she's been there 1st.
she had went thru d hardness in r/ship.
so she guides me a lot.
she's 1 of my strengths...

n now dat she's salman's wife...
i hope salman will take a good care on her.
she loves u a lot.
make some cute babies ok!

majlis knduri ayun was superb!
being d 1st child in d family,
i think dat is an advantage.
makanan pon sedap.
i love d krabu perut.
tp budak tu bg sket!

n sorry.
i didnt bring my camera.
juz using my hp camera to snap some pics.
bil ade tangkap gambar.
nnti aku mintak kat die tau yun..

1st tgok pic ni cam blur skjap.tertanye2 diri sndiri nape amek gmbr 3org neh.
then baru tersedar yg sebenarnye nak snap Salman.tp lmbt tekan shutter.

suami ayun.owh...i wonder how z would look like nnti....

them.ah.tak sabar tggu bulan 6.=p

yun!suke tak cadar aku bg?

++ cUriK MasE ++

i did my henna trial during cny holidays.
yup.long longggg ago.
tp baru ade mase nak review.

i dragged my bff to find henna service around my town.
ade banner,tp bile tanye cakap tak buat.
a few kedai la jadi camtuh.
rase nak marah je.
then terpakse balek ngan hampa.
sampai kat area rumah,
saje lajak 1km n ternampak 1salon yg buat henna.
eh?taktau pon sblom neh kan!
da la dekat gile ngan umah.
so i juz went in n did my henna trial.
d kakak was so friendly.
she did d design spontaneously.
so dunt expect too much la.
i told her dat if i want to hire her,
i will print a design n ask her to draw.
she said dat will be better.

n sbb kan dekat ngan umah,
i wanted her to come over so dat all of my sisters
n frens can do their henna too...
kakak n adik aku da mintak izin nak henna lukes jgk.
i dunt mind asalkan tak over!=p

menunggu inai kering

after: cam tak merah sgt...

n then a week later tempat inai tu peeling.i dunno whether it was normal or noT?

penah tgok inai biru x?
maybe bley jd trendsetter?

this was wut happen when u never refill d ink printer urself.

sobs.slalunye z yg tlg buatkan.
bile die da jauh terpakse wat sume sendri.
huh.he pampered me too much i guess....
i miss him.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

++ a QuiCkiE ++

some updates, finally!
i almost finished with my hantran items hunting.
da beli lenovo, da amek jam.
tinggal quran n cupcakes.
quran will be bought by my mum from mecca, insyaAllah.
cupcakes will b sponsored by my sweetest sister!
so settle da!

invitation cards will be done by my FBIL.[future-brother-in-law]
well,he is a photographer,
he has a lot of ideas.
he showed us d designs last week.
n we both were like fall in love straight away!
sgt simple but menarik di mate kami!
no piccas on d card!
penat je posing posing arituh!
z suka tade gambar!
lepas tgok design card,
aku pon tak kesah tade gmbar!
hopefully d card will turn out great as in d design!

yg merimaskan adelah baju baju sanding!
mmg susah nak jupe.
some of my frens noe how xtra small i am ryte!
baju baju yg ready made gile dabak besar!
tak paham aku sape yg pakai saiz camtu.
mmg bley alter.
tp tak same la...
n d price is like sgt tak berbaloi.
baek aku tempah baju baru kan...
tp sempat ke?
ade bridal houses yg sudi buat baju baru.
still thinking...
nak bincang ngan z btol btol...

3months to go....
sanding pakai uniform scouts bley?

for those DiGi users,go n flash ur DiGi logo to Lasenza outlets n
u r entitled for 30% discounts on normal items!
it's a real bargain!!!
promo lasts until 28th of march.