Wednesday, October 27, 2010

++ MiMpi ++

rasenye da 2malam aku mimpi da bersalin…

siap cuddle bb n breastfeed lg…


mmg la perasaan adelah sgt tak sabar nak tgok bb sendiri…

tp smpai 2mlm berturut turut mimpi da bersalin mcm agak scary.

dulu penah terdengar kat hot fm pasal tafsir mimpi.

ustaz tu kate kalu mimpi pasal budak bawa maksud saka.

paling bahaya kalau da sampai tahap memberi makan.


arap mimpi aku hanye lah mainan tidur seorang ibu yg sgt tak sabar nak dapat bb.

Ya Allah,

lindungilah keluarga kecil ku ini.


copied from my tumblr.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

++ SoMeTimEs ++

reading thru frens blogs,

fb updates,

photos uploads n etc,

i guess i miss how single life would b.

some of my frens r still searching for d right guy.

even though i’m already married,

but SOMETIMES i miss the single life momentos.

i still remember how flirty i used to b. ;p

how it felt to be chased after.

to be wanted.


seeing my frens are almost finishing their final year in Masters,

breaking my heart silently.

i was d one who used to dream about getting Masters straight after


but here i am. still a degree holder with an extensive of marriage

certificate n soon to own a newly born bb’s certificate.hiks.

even though i have a secured career which enables me to do my

Masters anytime i want, but SOMETIMES i can’t lie myself.i want it

the way i planned it.

people r telling me how lucky i am.

they say that i’m already few steps ahead from them.

but we used to have ambitions.

n when they didn’t come out they way u expected,

this is wut u will feel. :)


no matter how SOMETIMES these feelings creep thru,

i know dat deep down inside i am ALWAYS happy.

i just need to learn to be grateful.

looking life at positive sides.

because it is true.

i am a few steps ahead.

and with two valuables treasure that i own [bb n bb’s dd],

life would never been better than this.

++ 4 mOnThs pLus n GoiNg oN ++

sudah melepasi 1st trimester...
baby sehat...mummynye pon begitu...
ayah berganda ganda sehat...

bb enjoys kicking mum's tummy nowadays.
wut an experience!
z pon da merasa kena kick!
doc cakap bb is very active!

oh yes.
i went for checkeup at pantai pu3 ipoh last 2weeks.
if everything is on schedule,
i will deliver d bb there with datin dr mimin.
hopefully bb ikut schedule :)

dr mimin used 4d scan n showed bb's face.
OMG.looking at ur own bb dat very 1st tym,
i was soooo excited.
n d gender is also known.

thank u Allah for d greatest gift ever.

starting next month we r going to start
for bb's stuffs hunting.
sgt excited!
rompers are super duper cutes!
can't get my eyes from them!

till here then.
oh btw, gov gives 3months delivering leaves!