Sunday, May 8, 2011

++ HaPpY MoTHeRs' DaY ++

alhamdulillah, i'm a mommy today!
i used to celebrate n send wishes to my mum,
but amazingly,i am celebrating it today.

it's hard to tell my mum how special she is to me.
i will not be able to repay
her sacrifices,her love,her tears,her attention n
EVERYTHING that she has done for me.
i love u mak!

alhamdulillah,i was born from ur womb.
i was brought up by u.
i was fed by u.
i was taught by u.
i was scolded by u.
i am loved by u.

HJH JAMADIAH ZAINUDDIN is the best mom ever!

n being a mommy myself,
even though zareef is not able to whisper the wishes,
but looking at his eyes n smiles make me sooo happy.
i can't wait to see him talking,growing...
but deep down inside,
i hope that i can seize these moments.
every mother feels the same things.
they r eager to see their babies to grow,
but at the same time,
they hope that the babies will remain this way.
it feels like u want to keep the baby in ur tummy forever.
so that u can alwiz be near to him.

happy mothers' day to myself.

dear zareef,
mama loves u so much.u have brought so much happiness in our small family.mama wants the best for u.n i believe that u r going to grow up as a great man who will lead our family,one day. amin.

happy mothers' day for every mum in this world.
WE are the unsung heroes.

p dot s: happy mothers' day to my mother in law too!terima kasih melahirkan suami liya ke dunia ini.

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