Wednesday, July 27, 2011

++ oF BrEasTFeeDing & SoLiD FooD ++

i welcomed a lot of reactions when announcing that Zareef is going to have his solid food in his 4 months +.
some give +ve feedbacks.
some just rudely give -ve feedbacks.

i know d fact that babies r advised to have their first solid food after 6months.
but every child is individual n unique.
as i said, we can't compare 1 child to another.
cause d development is different.
i read, i asked n i consulted experts before i started feeding Zareef.
every mom wants d best for their babies.
same goes to me.
i appreciate advise.
but i dont welcome harsh critiques n all.
thank u.

so i made him apple puree.
it was very easy to prepare.
i added in my EBM n Zareef loves it.
puree is super soft so it is d best for his digestive system.
n it is easy to prepare too.
i'm lucky to have another new blender given by Z's friend on our wedd day.
it is 1 year+, n now only i start using it for Zareef's food.
[dont use kitchen blender for babies' food]

n of my breastfeeding journey......T.T
i still breastfeed him exclusively.
but the journey has [sort of] came to an end.
d milk production has dropped drastically.
last month, i was only period-free for 4days!!!!
the rest were heavy flows..
i became restless n d milk production declined as milk is from blood.

but i'm still trying to breastfeed him exclusively.
semlam macam force diri.
malam terus pening n nak pitam lagi.
but i dont want to give up!
mesti berusaha.
selagi ade rezeki Zareef mmg tanak campor FM..
unless kalau terpaksa...

till here then.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

++ LiTTLe 5 ++

my boy turns 5 months young today.
weighing 7+ kg, he's able to roll over;
moving from 1 spot to another.
he seems understand when watching tv n when we talk to him.
he lovessss to scream!
yesterday when we were at d mall,
he screamed n played to himself in the stroller
n attracted so many eyes n hands to squeeze his cheeks!
n he has started his solid food!
tak sempat tunggu 6months.

Zareef membesar dgn cepat n sehat!
except tang rambut yg lambat no naiknye.

so for his 5th month birthday,
mama buys some treats for him.

1. boon squirt.since he has started his solid food,this item would be very beneficial. handy n practical.:)

2. clutch diaper from Snugggbaby. i really want a diaper cluth so that whenever we r going to malls, i can hang it on his stroller. inside d clutch we can put diapers, nappy rash cream, etc. it is very practical as we roll it open, it can be a perfect place to put ur baby on when changing his/her diaper. n d design is yummylicious!i love it!

i've been thinking to get a food jar to put Zareef's food. but since Zareef eats once a day only, it might not be that important now. but when he turns 6 next month, i should consider buying one of these:

i love the first one!
what's up with d pink stuffs?
i just love it. btw, these things r not going to be attached to Zareef's body.
mama yg akan x pela pink color kan!hihi.

yesterday bought him another rompers. red color. untuk raya nanti!tehee.
oh..we r going back to perak this weekend.
n on saturday we'll be in penang!
n first day of ramadhan will be in kampung.
can't wait!

Friday, July 22, 2011

++ in response to ayun's question... ++

i came across her n3 this morning,
she is wondering why some women have stopped
posting entries about their husband once they have a baby.

browsing thru my entries from late february until now,
i admit that less stories have been told about my Z.
there is no particular reason to that,actually.
it's a normal thing that when u have this new,yummylicious baby in your life,
the entire attention is given to him/her.
your husband will do d same thing to.
d different is,he doesn't have a blog.
therefore u cant measure thru his written entries.
get what i mean?

d love to your husband is not measured from how many written entries you have published for him.after all Z is not a big fan of my blog anymore.juggling between his busy working life,he would prefer to read Naruto on9 rather than the rambling writings i have here.
but i do know from time to time when he accidentally open my blog n he will skim or scan my blog.hahahaha.

so ayun.
d presence of a child would never [read:never ever] loosen the bond between a wife and husband.
it is just that life is different.
love to a child would never be compared to love to a husband.

u'll experience it soon..insyaAllah..

Monday, July 18, 2011

++ Pre-WaLkEr ShoeS ++

for precious little feet....

Baby N here.


I've just started online business all of was just like's been 3days now n alhamdulillah,i think i hit d target.i'll update on some of d items later.

Dont feel very well.o_O
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Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.3


I've just started online business all of was just like's been 3days now n alhamdulillah,i think i hit d target.i'll update on some of d items later.

Dont feel very well.o_O
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

++ bZ ++

life has never been bz since last year.
there r a lot of things going around in d faculty.
n somehow i always involve here n there.

i hv workbook meeting next week where we need to gather d exercises that we [should] have done.
but until now i havent started on any question yet.
i couldnt work during weekend becoz Zareef just didnt want me to be far from him.
i even put him in d baby carrier n carried him around on my shoulder when i did d laundry.
n he would simply hug n smile.
everytime i tried to put him down,
i needed to bear with his loud cry.
n by the time i picked him up,he would stop crying n giggled.

i didn't have any clue about BERSIH Ver 2.0 becos i dont watch TV.
i mean i dont watch other channels other than BBTV at astro.
dat will b Zareef's favourite channel.
so Zareef will always win in whuteva situation.

i dont know how to start doing my work when most of the time i am bz with other things.
some unimportant things to b truth.
btw, i am just confirmed in service by upm.
so no more 3years probation.
n i am entitled for 50% discount if i want to do my Masters here.
on about dat dream,
it has to be postponed to next semester coz there too many things going around in english department right now.i dont want to force myself to d limit.
takut tak mampu.

n dat is it.
Zareef is doing fine with Kak Mas.
syukur Kak Mas da sehat.

Z is also in d pink of health.
we went to ioi driving range watching him swing kayu golf.
tak best la.
byk nyamuk.

money status je x bape best.
sibuk makan tempat mahal je n shopping tak ingat dunia.
so i need to suffer la until next salary.

d only reason to make me smile.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

++ MaKeOvEr ++

i think i need a wardrobe makeover.
i need to do some makeover.

i love shawls but having problems on styling them.
it was last time.
now i slowly learn to style my shawl.
not dat overwhelming like hanna tajima.
but i think it is ok for a start.

then my taste on outfits r slowly changed.
i think it is d age matter and d FACT that i'm a mommy now.
i need to wear something practical for i need to breastfeed Zareef.
so there r a some favourite outfites that out of my league.

i fell in love with some gorgeous dresses that
can be worn together with cardigans or inners.
i saw 1 yesterday but was thinking whether i can pull it well or not.
i went back without buying it n dreaming of it!
haih..typical me.
i think i'm going to get 1.
i think,being d petite me,
i can wear almost evertything.well,i think.

n i ordered a maxi skirt from dalzbutton [can checkout their fb]
it is custom made so basically it SHOULD fit us well.
still waiting for d delivery.

-gorgeous maxi-

n i had sent 2 baju raya for tailoring last week.
n purchased another 2 online.
2 purple,1 brown n 1 blue.
thinking of having 1 more red tp mcm z akan marah je.hihi.
bought online from Asylla collection.

pasni nak shop shawls,jeans,tops,wedges n handbag.
handbag tu kalu ade rezki la.

baju raya zareef da start beli last week kat d curve.
maybe nak tambah sikit-sikit je lagi.
till here then.
mood raya is approaching!
tp puasa tak ganti lgi.
sehati je pon.
but my menstrual cycle macam gelong laa ni.

Friday, July 1, 2011

++ oF eVeRyThiNg ++

i dont have fever.

i'm physically healthy.

but i'm just sick of things going around me lately.

ewah.barula 1st time nak rase bz sejak kije kat upm.

before this goyang kaki lari sane cni g jenjalan.

but then during this semester break,

the english department has decided to have their own workbooks.

something original.published.n done by the instructors themselves.

ah gile.

kenot adapt,cite or cilok2 mane articles.

must be genuinely ours.


rase cam nak nanges kejap.

but then thinking of the positive side,

nnti name kite will b on the book!


i have sumthing that published!

it's going to be a long process.

so they are giving us 1year.

[tp by the 3rd week of this july da mintak materials.ape kes?]

tade mase nak blog bagai.

n penat promote diri kat FB.

yes.i joined nippon contest a month ago.

saje2 la pon.main cilok je pic then bantai slogan.

i'm bad at creating slogan.

tuptup shortlisted dlm 20finalists.


d grand prize is 15k house makeover.

10 consolation prizes will b 2k paint makeover.

dpt consolation prize pon hokey ape!

so kot2 anyone come across my blog n rase baik hati nak vote,

plz do as following:

1. klik link ini...

2.then klik ALLOW utk access information.

3. pastu klik " LIKE" pada page nippon paint.

4. keluar gambar sy,baru klik "I LIKE" pade page tersebut.

5. jawab survey dari nippon.[ 4soklan je....]

6.then share la link tu pade wall anda...

7.kalau sudi vote la hari-hari sampai 10julai ni.

ok that's it.

kot ade rezeki july!

n i got my new hp.


n going to bring zareef for his 4th month checkup today.
n zareef will be sent to d previous bbysitter, kak mas starting today.
ah,byknye nak cite.

-gambar contest-

-zareef wakil mama berkempen-