Saturday, January 28, 2012

++ BiRThDaY PaRTy ++

next month Zareef is turning to 1!

how fast time flies...
i still remember last year,
i was struggling with my big tummy;
in emotional battle [takut nak beranak]...

i want to hold a birthday party for Zareef!
this will b his first birthday celebration n i want it to b special.

i've been thinking about several themes for d past 2months.
making some calculations...
mentally as usuall.
n now that it is just around d corner,
then only i start being serious.

i didnt know that planning for ur son's birthday party could b this exciting!
it reminds me on how i planned my wedding last 2 years [what!dah 2years??]
n i never knew that there are a lot of themes for them!
i had hard time choosing 1!
yes.mama yg lelebih. itu kicik mane tahu ape.

finally, we've chosen ROCK STAR theme.
happen to be last weekend,
we went to a bakery shop back in hometown
n saw guitar shaped balloons!
both Z n i were excited.
n we decided on the theme!

when i did some browsing yesterday,
there were a lot of fantastic pictures.
hardly to find from malaysia for sure.
n i hardly follow d same, exact ideas too.[money constraints!HA-HA]

mari cuci mata! ROCK!

look at d cakes!!!!!!!!

simple props.but they really make u feel as if u r going to a real concert!

this Linkis d invitation card that comes with a CD that compiled d boy's favourite rock songs!

pics taken from here.

hebat kan!
rase nak nangis.
then browse lg n came across this event planner.
based in Malaysia.
they are specialised in:

1) table set up

2) alphabet banner

3) cupcake toppers

4) food labels, mineral water labels, cupcake wrappers, deco stuffs etc

pics courtesy from Creative Design Printables FB.
you can shoot them an email for pricing n such.

i am surely can't afford anything like this!
i want a birthday party for Zareef.
something to remember.
tapi tamo bazir terlampau.
sbb baik buat saving tuk Zareef kan!
i'm trying my best to make something special.

so this morning i tried to DIY those little things tu.
cake toppers, labels, etc...
i'm not that creative u know.
i have d ideas.
tp bila hands on hancussss!
tp boleh la kalau terdesak.
dari tade.

tetibe teringatkan abg Z yg photographer tu.
oh my!
he is really good in designing.
so tanye kat wife die kot boleh buat bnde-bnde gini.
sebanrnye malu nak direct ngan abgyg.
mesti die kate Lya ni tah hape-hape la idea die.
naseb la my biras is so sporting!
she said it's a good idea n abgyang boleh buatkan.
tp x sure la.
malam nti baru bincang lg.
oh.i hope abgyg boleh designkan!
i dont mind to do d donkey job;
gunting n tampal on d toothpick.
lgpon creative design pon design kn sje.
then we hv to go for printing n do d rest ourselves.

kalau abgyg x dapat buatkan,
then Zareef redha la dgn hasil tangan mama!

till here then.
i'll update more abt d preparation!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

++ LiFe ++

hi blog!
i've been so bz juggling between work n house chores,
i barely have time for myself.

there were a lot of things going around for d past few weeks.
but i was so busy to record everything here.
all marks have been keyed in.
but a few adjustments have to be made on d scoresheets.
biasela.lecturer sian kat anak murid.
tambah sikit markah kesian.

a few months before,
i was so stressed up with d mess in d house.
slalu rase nak nages tgok rumah sepah.
*aku jenis tak boleh tahan dok rumah sepah*
dah la kami tido depan tv kat living hall
[sebab takut tdo atas katil Zareef jatuh]
so everyday, d toto n pillows will b in front of tv.
bukak je rumah,
view huduh itu yg menjamu mate.
jiran lalu n budak delivery dominos slalu sgt da tgok pon.

last two weeks, on weekend...
i couldnt take it anymore.
so i revamped a few things!
1st skali tak bley da tido depan tv!
so i got an idea to push d bed to d wall.
apsal la mentol tak menyala awal-awal!
so Zareef can sleep near d wall.
we dont hv to worry about him falling from d bed anymore.
wpon suspect ngandong,
gagah jugak tolak bed frame + mattress tuh.
then cuci segala sawang, habuk tok nenek.
lega tgok master bedroom.
bilik pon jadi luas bila da squeeze everything at 1 side.

then masuk 2nd bedroom.
almari kain tu da koyak rabak.
aku da lameeeee sgt nak beli almari baju tuk Zareef.
sejak Zareef dalam perot lg.
tp waktu tu duet mcm terbudget-budget.
pehtu tgok almari zaman bujang tu elok lagi.
so pakai la dulu.
as time passed by,
almari tu koyak rabak.
tggu mase je nak roboh.
+ Zareef yg suke main kat ctu..
punggah baju die...

ptg tu trus ajak Z g kedai perabot.
i think that was d 2nd big purchase we made
[lepas beli perabot mase mula-mula kawen dulu]
i bought 1 bedroom set white color.
i like!
tp tamo dressing table sbb bilik tgah tu x luas mane pon.
so amek bed frame+mattress+wardrobe+two bookeshelves+chest drawer.
sume barang da selamat sampai except chest drawer tu.
chest drawer tu nak letak lingerie, brg-brg Z n shawls akuuu...
cepat la sampai!

wardrobe tu besar.
so selain letak baju Zareef,
mama x malu letak baju keje mama jugak.
rupenye baju aku adelah sgt banyak.
so amek lak 1 ari nak asingkan baju yg da tanak/out dated/ takkan pakai/ rosak.
dapat la 2 beg plastik sampah.
banyak kan.
mostly masih elok.
tp aku mmg takkan pakai.
so ingat nak bagi or sedekah je kat kg.
nak bg adik,
tp x same saiz la plk.

3rd room tu pon dibersihkan.
banyak gak bende dah dibuang.
tp lepas masukkan katil bujang,
bilik tu sempit.
n ade la ruang nak jalan n letak my novels.
yg banyak sangat tu adelah hadiah mase kawen.
banyak gile yg x bukak!

skang umah da kemas.
Zareef mmg suke pungah-pungah.
tp atleast pintu bilik boleh tutup.
so die main kat certain area je.
n living hall pon kemas.
x de pening-pening nak angkat toto,pillows kalau ade org dtg umah.

cepat la chest drawer sampai.
baru la lebih kemas.
actually plan nak beli TV baru.
tp sbb aritu TERbeli sII n tab,
langsung lari budget.
nanti la.
ade rezki nak beli tv idaman itu.
n nak tempah langsir baru.
sbb langsir skang da koyak Zareef tarik.
n juge nak pasang wallpaper.
n nak tukar kipas n lampu.
insyaAllah soon.

oh ye.
sekarang sudah boleh tidor lena!

ye.da dpt idaman hati.wpon lebih murah dr butik kat still 4angka.
so kene appreciate btol-btol hadiah ini.

Monday, January 9, 2012

++ 2012 ++

dear Allah,
thanks for giving me d chance to live in this world.
thanks for giving me another chance to be a better person.

i know it's too late for a new year wish!

i've been soooo bz.
d students are taking their final now.
lecturers r bz marking n keying in d marks into d system.

i've been drafting a lot of entries in my head.
bout how we went to melaka to celebrate new year.
bout lil prince's development.
bout some financial planning.
bout shopping spree i had.
n many more.
but they ended up there.
i cant online at home with Zareef tugging at my legs.

i got some bad n good news for d past few days.
been tested with different things.
being cheated n betrayed.[not by Z btw]
n many stuffs happened in early 2012!

n not to mention,
i am quite worried that i might pregnant AGAIN now.
am i?
it's a good news indeed.
but with some plannings going around,
i dont think its a good time.
but then...Allah knows better!

i'm not really in d mood.
feel like going back n cry under d pillow.
this is what happen when u pile up work n procrastinate.

this coming friday Z, Zareef n i are going to have dinner here

the tallest restaurant in KL.

oh yeah.
happy new year!