Friday, September 30, 2011

++ iNSuRaNCe ++

finally i have signed up 1 package plan.
covers medical card, foc, saving n ade lg 1 tp lupe lak.

finally ade monthly saving!
n next maybe nak wat satu lg financial planning.

i met Diane d insurance agent.
we were colleagues before she resigned n concentrate doing
this full time.
[mesti banyak masuk kan]
sonok berbual dgn die.
it took 4hours bersembang tah hape hape
before we finally got down to business.

i hope this will benefit me in future.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

++ iT's NoT a WW ++

usually i'll post a wordless wednesday rite!
but not today.

my Zareef is not a small baby anymore.
he's a bit notty la lately.
he loves to mumbles a lot of sounds.
sometimes it sounds like a song.
i think he is now venturing into new adventure!
he loves to explore a lot of new things.
i cant deny that it's a bit disturbing for me sometimes.
i got worried [ok.scrapped that.i got freaked out] most of the times.
i turned a few minutes n discovering him under d dining table.
another minutes he will be prickling d sockets n plugs.
d next minute he will be crying!

but i love d developments!
rase mcm die da besar.
boleh jd kawan n buat teman berbual.

bye mama.i want to venture d world!take gud care of urself!

dunt worry!i can take care of myself!

ahhh..finally i arrived!

i need to get d plastic bag!there must b something special in it for mama!

yes. almost there! i wish i could be taller!

then i picked him up before he fall off!

i love u Zareef!
i love u sooooooooooo much!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

++ bZ ++

seblom ni mcm tak tahu erti bz keje.
slalu Z perli-perli sbb aku keje senang je tp gaji......hihihi...
sem ni bz sesangat!
appointed as coordinator,
kene key in name budak.
pehtu layan mcm-mcm karenah budak neh.
da daftar pastu jadual clash blablabla..
n this sem ajar 7classes!
banyak betol!

dulu jumaat tade class.
starting this week da ade.
budak yg dapat muet band 1 & 2 kene amek satu course baru.
4hours per week.
additional to another english course (2+1).
so budak2 neh blja english 7jam seminggu.
harapnye dapat la mereka spekong lepas abes sem!

telinge ni apekene tah.
sakit recurring je.
da jumpe ent specialist last week.
dapat ubat n akan jumpe lg this week.
sakit n buat tade mood.

Zareef turned to 7 months yesterday!
inilah hadiah paling bermakna.
sgt aktif.
ade 1 gigi nak tumbuh.
menyulur laju gile 1 rumah.
mcm nak merangkak.
tp x de pon.
tetibe semalam da memanjat nak berdiri.
eiii...seriau je.
laju pulak tu.
n suke membebel kuat-kuat sorang-sorang.

sekarang mcm gile deco rumah.
spend la duet yg ade nak beli itu ini.
nak tambah ape yg patut.
wahal next month nak pakai duet g taiwan.
tp skrg rumah mcm syurgaku.
buat hati tenang n badan penat balik keje jd heppy!

arini tetbe terpikir pasal future financial planning.
to b honest, aku mmg tak brape ade saving.
saving yg beberape riban mak abah bagi dulu ade la.
sendiri punye tade.
skrg da 25.
aku target in next 10-15years nak beli landed property,
iaitu rumah ade tanah.
cadangnye nak beli kat kuala kangsar.
sbb rumah kat kl/selangor x boleh dekat kot.
mahal gile.
lgpon aku n Z akan settle down kat sane.
mujur kawen org sekampung.

nak beli rumah kene bayar depo 10-15%.
mane nak carik cash 30k kalau tak nyimpan kan.
so Z balik malam nanti nak bentangkan kertas cadangan.
banyak nak planning.
semoga Allah mudahkan!

what say u?
kene start pk pasal future planning tau!

- there's no better place than home -


a little treat for d working wife n make me feel good....:)
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Monday, September 12, 2011

++ HeCTiC, SiCk ++

selamat hari raya!
hope it's not too late for me to wish all Muslims!

hari raya celebration was packed with visiting relatives activities.
z n i n Zareef spent most of our time with both families.
n we had majlis naik buai for Zareef n Darish.
Zareef got a lot of duit raya!

i got this ear infection during fasting month.
then when i ate all d drugs given by doctor,
it healed.
somehow i couldnt stop myself from cleaning my ear.
actually i overclean them.
so the infection erupts again.
very painful!!!!
i couldnt sleep [very well]
d doc gave me 4 days mc.
z couldnt stop teasing me because i love to overclean my ears.

now d infection is recovering n d pain has subsided.
but i think it affects my hearing.
i was told by some frens that d doc is going to suck all
d liquid trapped in my ear.
n d process is going to b very painful!
i vow myself that i wont ever prick my ears anymore!!!
on wednesday im going to do further checkup.
d doc needs to see whether i have perforated my ear drum or not.
bad hands!
hopefully i will not be deaf yet.

d semester has just begun.
actually today is d 1st day.
i like my schedule.
just d fact that i hv two 8am classes
n two finishing classes at 7pm.

when i went out this morning,
my heart sank heavily.
Zareef has just woke up n he was staring at me.
n kak mas says he is a bit cranky today.
he gets flu n i think that disturbing him.
i felt like crying!
this 1st week is going to b very hectic.
i am appointed as a coordinator this sem.
heavy loads!!!

i now this n3 sounds like too pack with different stories.
n i know no one is bother to read.

z n i are a bit disturbed this week.
we think we want to find job n move back to our hometown!
dunno y!
im not sure whether this is something that we really want to do...
or just d result of spending d
holidays too long at our hometown...