Sunday, September 30, 2012


raising up a kid is never easy.
but seeing them growing right in front of u is always d best thing ever...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

++ a TeSt ++

we had another big test recently.
had to go back to hometown,
spent 4days there.
i just hope that everything will go well after this.
kdg2 rase x ckup kuat dah nak tempuh benda2 ni.
well, i almost gave up...
tp alhamdulillah we bounced back normally.

i thought of spilling out d story here.
tp bile pk balik rase mcm nak move on je n stop thinking abt it.
myb if i feel like blogging abt it,
i will do so.
sbg pringatan kpd psgn2 di luar sane..

d pics above are my feet n 2lotions that i love d most.
u can get these from sephora.
harga murah je.
dlm 25 each.
when i first bought these two,
i was really consistent in applying them everynite.
mmg nampak n feel d results on skin.
pastu i became lazy.
now i feel that i need this treatment to pamper myself.
will go to sephora again n buy their shower gels n shampoo.
they also have skin care range.
never tried bfore.
tp mmg tempted jgk sbb packaging die yg comel.hiks.

till here then.
tatatititutu ♥

Monday, September 17, 2012

++ GiaNt ++

Z: syg nak tengok gergasi x?
L: hmmm... (half hearted)
Z: tgok ni (showing d gergasi)
L: terdiam sejenak seblom gelak mcm nak pecah perot.bhahahaha.

*pastu silence*

L: kesianlah...belom kawen lagi dah gergasi..esok dah kawen, ade anak...orang panggil ape pulak?
Z: orang panggil mak gergasi.....

*pecah perot lagi 2-2*

Sunday, September 16, 2012

++ cOOkiNg ++

i finally find my tune of cooking.
kalau seblom ni ketor lutut nak masak utk tetamu..
now ketor sikit sikit je.

finally i understand the term that my mum used to use...
"agak agak je garam/gula etc"
last time i was so angry when she gave me such answers.nak agak camne?blur gile tau.haaaha.
tp skrg phm dah.
tgok bende nak masak n boleh agak agak bahan tu.

d happiest persons would be Z n Zareef.
i can even cook my mil's signature dish.
ayam rendang semarang.
masak lauk tu sejenis cukup dah.
mmg habes seperiuk nasik.
Z kate 2 rumah je boleh jumpa lauk ni.
his mum's house n ours.
kembang idong sat.

last week eira,her husband n little harraz spent d weekend at our house.
dtg mlm sabtu n tido smpi ahad.
so i did d cooking for dinner.
d next morning i fried my signature delicious popia n eira goreng nasik for breakfast.
oklah.boleh lah nak jamu...hihi..

this weekend..
z's family is spending their weekend at our house.
smlm masak gulai semarang, ayam goreng, syur buncis udang,telur dadar gebu n sambal belacan berasap.
pagi tadi buat mee sanggul.
licin abes sume..

i think i must sharpen my skills lagi.
sbb bile masak utk quantity yg byk,
hati ade goyang sket.

but then with d bz schedule,
weekdays mmg ikut mood je nak masak.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

++ 26 ++

1 year older.
1 step wiser.

being 26 at age doesnt mean i cant be 16 on my face n body.
hahaha.statement mintak penampo.
just like years before,
birthday is just a reminder that tells u,
u hv reached certain age.
a reminder to wake u up from dreams..
a reminder to trigger u to achieve more in ur life!

at d age of 26...
im proud with what i have.
saving n money status r a lot to improve on.

bulan 9 ini menyaksikan 2impian sy sudah n hampir tercapai.
1. nak sambung masters.alhamdulillah.
sedanh menikmati kehidupan pelajar yg sgt interesting!
2. nak publish my own novel.tggl 10 last chapters.patut dah boleh bz gile lah tiap tiap ari.insyaAllah tak lama lagi boleh siapkan.anddddd...ade wakil publisher dah mintak nak review.alhamdulillah.semoga dipermudahkan!amin....

malam jumaat tu Z masak nasik tomato. x ambil gambar.
rugi btol!
smlm g paradigm mall.
makan kat spaghetti grill.
n g sephora.kluat dgn 2paper bag sephora.

oh Allah.
thank u for fulfilling my life with d love ones...

Monday, September 10, 2012

++ My LiFe ++

this is how my weekdays will turn out for thesw coming 4months.
yeah.welcome hectic life.
welcome students' life!
im officially a post grad student now.
org lain dah dpt scroll..
im just starting mine.
n cuma brani ambil 2subjects je for this 1st sem..
coz my teaching schedule itself is very pack.

hoping for a smooth journey!
dari may 2011 i registered myself.
last few months baru anta my application.
called for d interview.
n wallah.
here i am.

good thing is...
my fees dpt 50% disc.
sbb staff kan.
that is something to cherish!

ok then.
bz duty awaits...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

++ uPm ++

almost 3 years working here.
these r my best colleagues.
ade lagi lah.
tp ni yg selalu lepak makan n gossiping.♥
sumore we r in d same room.

last month another 7 language instructors were received.
1 of them is Nurin.
younger 3 years, n she's sitting next to me.
so d clique is expanding i guess!

i love working here.
d ambiens, d students, d flexibility, d responsibility, d oppurtunity, d salary n d incentives that we r getting are satisfying.

today we had a course briefing
where evry1 received their schedule for this semester.
i got 7classes this sem.
we r teaching more than our max load.
so d committee is trying to push for d xtra pay.
it is quite a lot.
so hopefully we will get it. :)

till then!♥