Wednesday, June 1, 2011

somehow i feel OK to send Zareef to d current babysitter.
somehow everything seems OK.
i hope he will be OK.
i love the fact that the new babysitter is also in d same block as ours.
so it is VERY convenient for me.

well yesterday i went to littlewhiz in setia alam to buy 1more set of cooler bag+icepacks.
money flows out like water.
it's only 1st june n i feel like so poor already.

this is my first time pumping milk at office.
everyone one is out except the Korean instructor n i.
so i asked her permission before pumping out.
somehow i forget to bring my nursing poncho
[when all the time it is in my handbag,somehow yesterday i took it out T-T]

i managed to pump out 4 oz ONLY.
stress betol la ngan production susu nih.
kene mintak tolong Z lg kot.

i miss this little cuddler so much.
i miss u darling Zareef.

i can't wait for weekends for i can spend d whole day n night with Zareef.

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