Wednesday, May 25, 2011

++ OuR DReaMs ++

dreams can be shared!
the day i applied for Masters,
Z was looking thru possible courses for engineering as well.
then he said that he wanted to apply for Masters too.

i was like a lil bit shocked.
before this he used to say he's not going to study now sbb malas.
but then tu la...
life is full of surprises!

he will apply to take Masters in this coming sem.
but then he still needs to ask his boss.
his crazy working hours might b d only barrier for his dream.

so,ade rezki both of us will do Masters together.
if not,i'll do first n Z will follow later.

i just found out a new,exciting way to increase EBM.
with Z's help, actually.
thanks to him!
Zareef minum sampai tersedak because banyak sgt susu.

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