Saturday, May 21, 2011

++ ZaReeF's sHoPpiNg DaY ++

so today we went out.the first plan was to get the milk storage bottles at fabulous mom puchong.since it was our 1st time, we missed d junction so we headed to ikea to eat meatballs.sadly ikea cafe is temporarily closed due to JAKIM inspection.[on halal status]...

we went to d curve to find any suitable fastfood restaurants when z insisted to lunch at popeyes in cineleisure.ok,follow the lead.hihi.while eating,z suddenly asked about the halal status of popeyes.n i said i dont't know.he looked around several times n said that there wasn't any halal logos around.we will check later either popeyes is a halal restaurant or not.

then we went to osh kosh b'gosh in d curve and shopped crazily over Zareef's outfits.the outlet is having a promotion where if we buy 2pieces,we can get another 1piece for we bought several pieces for Zareef.the sizes are bigger as they are UK/US sizes.we also bought Zareef's first stimulating toy from mothercare.Lamaze Elephant which i think is quite expensive compared to Lamaze toys on on9 shops.i think is the quality.i dunno.i think.

nak melaram this coming weekend.nak g several kenduri.

before we went home,we stopped at fabulous mom in puchong.we bought 2dozens of milk storage bottles,fan for Zareef's stroller,hanging toys for stroller/rocker.
i don't buy plastic storage coz according to 1 research,the milk nutrients might left at the plastic.

hanging,stimulating toys for Zareef to grab/kick.

there u go, Zareef.all d best for u.

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