Thursday, December 29, 2011

++ HoLiDaYs n sHoPpiNg! ++

last weekend, we went back to our hometown.
one of my bffs got married.
seperti biase dayang-dayang berbaju sedondon utk meriahkan majlis!
welcome to d family jali!

n sempat juga ke kenduri hani n pasangan.
datang lewat lepas knduri ida.
ambil gambar je.
Z sorang yg makan!

d next day we went to penang.
mula-mula cari hotel tak jumpa.
then kawan mrsm Z, Cla tlg carikan hotel.
siap dapat 50% discount lg!
bilik luas yg amat!
mmg puas hati!
tq Cla!!!

i manged to satisfy my tastebud.
pegi makan kat kapitan, hammer bay...
then g shopping kat queensbay n 1st avenue.
syg nye x sempat pusing usm.
insyaAllah ade rezki akan g penang lame sikit.
boleh jumpa kawan-kawan lama!
btw, thanks ayun n man for visiting us!

cuti kali ini menyaksikan pengaliran keluar wang yg sgt byk!
Z bought galaxy tab 7plus.
i got myself sII white.
then i splurged in mng since ade sales gegile.
beli baju Zareef da almost 3hundreds.
blnja hotel for mak abah...
bought younger sister fossil purse...
total damage adelah banyak!

n baru tadi kene tukar bateri kereta.
naseb pomen tu bagi murah je!
but still i need to change my break pad n break discs.
n timing belt.[ntah betol ke x ]

skrg tangah kire-kire balance duit.
nak beli coach!
kat 1st avenue ritu sempat usha beg idaman.
skrg x boleh tido malam.

kenapa boutique coach cni jual mahal sgt eh!
retail price idaman kalbu adelah rm2500+.
ok.tunggu ujung bulan depan.
ade org dapat bonus Chinese New Year!

nak berangan coach!

Monday, December 19, 2011

++ oF GooD n BaD nEwS ++

BaD NewS::

last friday, when i was about to do something,
Z texted me.

"abg eksiden"

ok.i remembered my heart was beating so fast
n my eyes were teary in seconds.
i quickly called him n i felt relieved as soon as i heard his voice.
he didnt really tell me the entire story in d phone.
he said he will come back n tell me vevrything.
n i waited for him for about an hour or so.
he bruised here n there.
his knee was swollen.
when he was trying to undress,
i heard n saw him in pain.
i quickly went to d kitchen,
eyes were shed with tears.
n i made him a mug of hot coffee.

it wasn't a very serious accident.
but i was [am] really scared!
d morning before,
before we left home...
as usual we will exchange kisses, salam n whatnot.
who knows later in d afternoon i would get this bad news?
it opened up my eyes.
i dont want to leave the house before i kiss n salam him after this.
because we never know...
we might regret...

alhamdulillah Z is getting better.
i insisted of bringing him to d hospital.
but he refused.
n only my family n close friends saje yang tahu.
his family has no idea at all.
sbb Z xmo btau...
but i bet sooner or later they will know jgk.
sbb d wound would leave scars...

i love u hubby.
dont scare me anymore....

GooD newS::

Zareef has started walking last night.
he is 9 months n 3 weeks old!
we were delighted.
it started when Zareef tried to walk 1-2 steps.
we dont really bother much.
when i was busy browsing over coach handbags *ehem*
i noticed Zareef was walking towards me.
i called Z n we witnessed his first attempt to walk!
Zareef was very calm.
both Z n i hugged him n kissed him!
cepat gile Zareef da boleh jalan!
Z managed to record his 2nd attempt.
i posted the video on fb.
da tua sok senang nak tengok!

n earlier before that,
Zareef will respond if we say BYE-BYE.
he would wave both of his hands.

i am a proud mommy.

u make me proud Zareef!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

++ mY HeRoEs ++

after my ramblings last 2weeks about how Z hasn't been sweet n whatnot,
he changes!

we had a couple retreat.
had to leave Zareef with kak mas [sorry dearie]
so we went out for movie n karaoke.
had a lot of fun!

without Zareef,
we look like other young couples.
*hangat bercintun*
wahal dah anak sorang n tinggal kat bs.
ces kan.

n Z is really helpful nowadays.
thank u sayang.
it takes two to tango.
it takes us both to manage the house.
n i am very glad and happy seeing u handling house chores.
u look so handsome n sexy everytime u wash d dishes.
no to mention when u cook!
u look double sexy!

it has been 2 weeks.
as i see,
he does this everyday.
so d consistency n performance is good.

thank u.
i love u.
i still love u if u dont help me around.
but now d love is deeper, tighter, bigger, sexier!

happy clouds n rainbows shall arrive to my sky very soon.
*crossing fingers*

what would i do without these two heroes?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

++ LiTtLe tHiNGs ++

Sometimes, these small things really touch my heart.

Most of the times, it reminds me why i love this job.

Thank u.

All my morning blues are worth it with these little appreaciation..

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

++ .... ++

tak tahu kenape...
tapi mendengarkan berita itu,
hati aku turut bersedih...
mataku turut mengalirkan airmata...

wpon kita x pernah berbaik,
namun Allah membuka hati ku dgn musibah yg menimpa dirimu.

takziah dari aku dan Z.

Friday, December 2, 2011

++ BoLD wHaT aPPLieS tO yOu ++

My personality:
·         I’m loud. 
·         I’m obnoxious.
·         I’m sarcastic.
·         I’m cocky.
·         I cry easily.
·         I have a bad temper.
·         For the most part I don’t like people.
·         I’m easy to get along with.
·         I have more enemies than friends.
·         I’ve smoked weed.
·         I drink coffee.
·         I clean my room daily.
My appearance:
·         I wear makeup. 
·         I wear a piece of jewelery at all times.
·         I wear contacts.
·         I wear glasses.
·         I change my hair colour often.
·         I straighten my hair often.
·         I have a piercing.
·         I’m in a relationship now. (Married now lol)
·         I’m forever alone :L
·         I have a crush 
·         I’m always scared of being hurt.
·         An ex has physically abused me at least once.
·         I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
·         I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.
·         I’ve been in love more than two times. (TMI!)
·         I believe in love at first sight.
·         I believe lust is more important than love.
·         I have at least five friends.
·         I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
·         I’ve beaten up a friend.
·         I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
·         I can trust at least five people with my life.
·         I’ve been on a plane.
·         I’ve been on a train.
·         Someone close to me has died.
·         I’ve taken a taxi.
·         I’ve taken a city bus.
·         I’ve taken a school bus.
·         I’ve gone bungee jumping.
·         I’ve made a speech.
·         I’ve been in some sort of club.
·         I’ve won an award.
·         I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.
·         I’ve been in a physical fight.
·         I listen to R&B.
·         I listen to country.
·         I listen to pop.
·         I listen to techno.
·         I listen to rock.
·         I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedy until I hate it.
·         I hate the radio. 
·         I love music
·         I download music.
·         I buy CD’s.
·         I spend at least six hours a day watching television.
·         I watch soap operas daily.
·         I’m in love with Days Of Our Lives.
·         I’ve seen and liked the O.C.
·         I’ve seen and liked One Tree Hill.
·         I’ve seen and like Americas Next Top Model
·         I’ve seen and like Popular.
·         I’ve seen and like 24.
·         I’ve seen and liked CSI.
·         I’ve seen and like Everwood.
Family Life:
·         I get along with both of my parents.
·         My biological parents are still together.
·         I have at least one brother.
·         I have at least one sister.
·         I have at least one step brother/sister.
·         I have at least one half brother/sister.
·         I’ve been kicked out of the house.
·         I’ve sworn at my parents.
·         I’ve made my parents cry.
·         I’ve lied to my parents.
·         I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
·         I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.
·         I’ve lied to my parents so I’d be allowed out.
·         I’ve been grounded.
·         I’ve walked out while grounded.
·         I’ve been brown. 
·         I’ve had streaks.
·         I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
·         I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
·         I’ve been blonde.  
·         I have black.
·         I’ve been red.
·         I’ve been light brown.
·          I’ve been blue/green.
·         I’ve gotten my hair thinned.
·         I use conditioner.
·         I’ve used silk therapy.
·         I’ve used hot oil treatments.
·         I’ve curled my hair.
·         I’ve straightened my hair.
·         I’ve ironed my hair.
·         I’ve plaited my hair.
·         I’ve yelled at a teacher.
·         I’ve been suspended.
·         I’ve had an in-school suspension.
·         I’ve been sent to the principals office.
·         I’ve walked out of class.
·         I’ve skipped an entire day of school.
·         I’ve skipped a whole class for a month.
·         I’ve failed a test.
·         I’ve cheated on a test.
·         I’ve helped someone else cheat on a test.
·         I’ve failed Art.
·         I’ve failed P.E.
·         I’ve failed Math. (AddMaths!i'm not maths-guy like Z!)
·         I’ve failed another class.
·         A teacher has called my parents. 

Got this from a blog somewhere. Something to do to keep the blog alive, yes? :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

++ DeSiReS ++

in previous entry,
i did tell u how i wanted to marry so badly.
i put on hold some of my dreams just that to chase this ONE dream.

now that i'm married,
sometimes i feel jealous with bunch of single ladies out there.
i just dont understand what i really want actually.

juggling between my career,
house chores,
super active growing Zareef,
sometimes -sweet-sometimes-not Z,
n many other things,
i want an escapade so badly!
i need a retreat.
i want to go out with my friends.
so free.
so happy.
without bothering about what to cook,
who's taking care of d laundry,
the piling up dishes in d sink....
[d list will go on like forever...]

it's been some times i enjoy reading novel on the bed.
Zareef is almost 9months.
so it has been more than 9months i stop doing something i like.
i dont enjoy reading when 80% of my concentration is on him.!
u never know.
this little Zareef is super active!

am i complaining?
i hope i dont sound like one.
this is just a piece of sharing how my life has transformed
from one phase to another.

this is what i want.
a marriage.
but why do i get jealous when peeping thru single ladies' lives?

am i not happy with my marriage?
Hell no!
despite cleaning diapers moments, sleepless nights,
house chores burdens,
i cant imagine anything better than
being sandwhiched by Z n Zareef everynight.

i guess i just miss my single moments.
d late night movies.
d window shopping.
reading novels n eating chocolates as much as i want,
errr...d scandalssss...

sometimes i even secretly plan to have a holiday by myself!

nothing better than having a family.
but watching late night movies without worrying abt house chores
is also a bliss!
it is just that i have had my time.
it's a past now!
no matter how badly i want to go back to that era,

here i am.
taking life from different perspectives.
LIFE cant make it good for me.
i have to live mylife to the best.

after all,
what's better than growing old with d loved ones?

everytime i feel jealous with single ladies,
i just need a knock on my head.
n i whisper this to myself...

"what a girl wants, isn't always what a girl needs.."

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

++ NoW & tHeN ++

marriage is not perfect all the times.
i experience different things during lovey-dovey couple moments
and after i am married.

i always tak sabar to get married dulu.
i cant tolerate dgn perasaan rindu yg membuak-buak.
how funny z n i spent a lot of money, time n energy.
berulang-alik kl-penang.
then kl-johor-perak.
just because we missed each other so much.

ari-ari pon we kept on discussing about wedding.
cite nak anak bape la...
hp macam tak berengang.
sikit-sikit message.
tade mende pon nak cakap.
tapi wajib msg melainkan waktu tido, solat, berak, mandi.
mase DiGi buat promo utk Uni students dulu,
kol singgit lepas tu letak.
then kol balik for free the whole day.
z akan kol sepanjang hari.
die buat assignment die kat UM.
aku buat keje aku kat USM.
die sembang dgn kawan-kawan die di UM.
aku sembang dengan clique aku di USM.
tp we were on the phone!
sampai mcmtu skali!


d gooooood old times...

after everything is halal,
i found that marriage is not as sweet as i thought of before this.
is it because i expect too much?

now that we live together,
seeing each other,
there r more issues to argue about.
simple little things have been so big for me.
Z jenis pendam n terime je.
aku je yg suke emo-emo.

fasa hidup aku adelah super cepat!
baru keje terus kawen terus ngandung terus beranakkan Zareef comel.
cepatttt sgt!
baru nak enjoy duit gaji dah kene nyimpan tuk kawen.
baru nak berkepit lepas kawen terus ngandung.
hormon org ngandung ni pelik sikit.hihi.
then Zareef datang n aku menjadi sgt bz sebagai Supermak!
Z bukanlah tak sehebat Superbapak.
cume keje mak lagi banyak kan.

i find myself restless n very tired every morning n every night.
yelah.i'm a working housewife...
Z balik keje dah malam.
tak banyak yg die boleh tolong.
n sometimes aku tak suke nak suruh-suruh.
[hoping that he will know what to do which he doesnt.hahaha]
so aku kuat emo.
Z suke buat lawak bile aku merajuk.
dok raba geletek nak bagi aku gelak.
kadang-kadang jadi.
kadang-kadang buat aku lg emo.
so mule la masing-masing merajuk.

i remember a few months ago.
when i was too tired,
Z pulak x paham....
i cried while washing d dishes.
Z terkujat n terus peluk dari belakang.
n pujuk-pujuk.
i didnt expect that i would broke like that.
tetibe je rase sedih n letih SANGAT-SANGAT.
n i dont want that to happen again.
n i dont want to remind Z dat i need his help when i broke like that.
he should help me earlier before.

aku adelah selalu emo.
kadang-kadang terpikir.
ade baby blues lagi ke?
siap plan nak lari jauh-jauh bagi Z cuak.

it doesnt happen all the times.
there r sweet n happy moments too!

i keep on asking myself.
kenape Z x sweet mcm dulu?
dulu die x delah romantic sgt.
tapi he really took good care of me.
dengar ade budak ajak kua makan,
die dah punched dinding kete sampai luke tangan.
jeles lah kan.
gaduh je terus terjah dari UM ke USM.
oh hebat nye rase power cinta waktu tu.

sekarang die dah x sayang ke?
bile cite ade budak laki kat mcD ikut sampai kereta,
die cume cakap lepas ni pakai cincin.
paling dasat pon bile ade engineering student yg very daring
dok puji-puji mata aku,
Z cakap nak g jumpa budak tuh.
bile partner jeles rase macam disayangi!

ni lah masalah aku.
selalu rase Z macam dah tak sayang.
so selalu tanye.
abg syg syg x?
banyak mane?
Z pon boring nak jawab.

sebenarnye i'm d one yg x berubah mengikut masa.
times change.
marriage is something real.
zaman couple is more to fairytale.
bile Z x cakap die sayang,
doent mean dia x sayang.
cuma there r so many commitments lain.
tapi aku suka dia cakap sayang tiap-tiap ari macam dulu.

kesian Z kena layan perangai budak-budak inih!
when i sad,
i always remember d traits that made me fall in love to Z...
d good old times.
n d good new times we had after marriage.
[ade...bukan xde...]
cume yelah...
aku suke kami sentiase mcm dulu.
cume skrg Z sgt bz dgn keroje.
selalu tension pasal keroje.
n aku tahu.
i'm not fair to him too.
dulu manja kemain.
sekarang ni letak baju kat dining table pon aku bebel x henti.

marriage is a long life learning.
we learn new things everyday.
dah la x berguru.
jadi kite kene pk ape yg baik n ape yg tidak.
baru setahun lebih.
there r more to come!
z n i should learn to tolerate
n spice up our r/ship.
moga dipermudahkan Allah!

thanks to that little boy, Zareef.
gaduh macamane pon,
when Zareef buat lawak,
kami mesti gelak same-same.
mesti dok cakap-cakap pasal Zareef.

so terus berbaik.