Tuesday, June 29, 2010

++ hOme sWeeT hOmE ++

z n i r trying to turn our house into a home.
last wiken we went to d ikea
n managed to buy a simple dining table
n a cheap TV cabinet.

z was not feeling well dat day.
we have to carry d heavy dining table
to our house on d 19th floor.
i was trying to help him by carrying d other end of d box.
but we kept on laughing all d way.

arrived home,
he quickly unpacked d box
built up d dining table n cabinet.
[n i was bz in d kitchen doing everything except cooking ]
n within 1hour everything was ready.

we r trying to spend our salary on house items now.
we start from scratch.
so we need to save up money.

there r still a lot of things dat we need to buy
for d house.
we saw a fury carpet at bangi last wik.
it is so soft n expensive!
it is on my list within these two months.
n i cannot sleep thinking about buying new curtains.
haiihhhh.these cravings will never stop!

presenting my simple n cheapest dining table in ikea....
i'm going to buy d cushions to put on d chairs n table runner.

house warming will come soon....=)

btw...it is simpe n cheap,
but when we work hard to buy it,
it gives us a satisfaction feeling......

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

++ d GueStS ++

to b honest,
i dunt realize how many guests came during my reception.
but roughly there were abt 2000 of them.
coz we prepared 1800 goodies bag
but by 3pm all d goodies bags were finished.
sorry for those who came very far but did not get d goodies.
we didnt expect dat it would be that number.

juz a little appreciation to those who came.
i might not b able to capture every photo,
not able to personally say thanks to them,
so i juz gonna put up some photos of who came....

childhood fren. suriya.=)

upm colleagues n we call ourselves 5 sekawan.=)

1 of my favourite cekgu bm.she came!!!!n there were another 2teachers yg gambar tak jupe.

tesolians.right beside me came by bus from kl...touched my heart...

z's friend who could not make it to his reception, so he came to my reception.tq.

usm chicks. tq for coming.=)

last but not least,my sisters.

plg terharu is this gurl.she flew all d way from india, in d middle of her hectic exam week juz to attend my wedding.arrived on friday afternoon, n flew back to india on saturday nite.thanks darling.

p.s: sorang kawan baek z dtg umah mase hari nikah.she was there d whole day n nite.tapi gambar tak jupe.

++ eXtRa ++

these r some of d things dat r not dat important,
but still can spice up ur wedding.

guestbook table.it's something new kan.very rare to see in malay wedding.so u can opt for this.it was situated right at d main entrance of my house.[btw,d blue album is my engagement album]

this is my guestbook done by my sister!tq yong!

put all ur photo frames to impress the guests...

personalized bunting.we had 2 buntings n 1 banner dat day.if u notice, they have d same design as my wedding card.

personalized signage.done by my BIL.

Monday, June 21, 2010

++ OuTDooR ++

we havent gotten d chance to do pre-wedd photoshoot.
but we went for post-wedd photoshoot for 3times.

1st with baju nikah.
2nd with my side reception dress.
n 3rd with his side reception dress.

3rd outdoor photoshoot tade gambar lg.
will update later...

most of d photos r taken from hp camera n raw pics.some r edited by OP but in lowrest copy.

with solemnization dress.

ni part susah.kena lari n OP shoot laju2.muke pon itam tetibe.hampeh.

ni mase dlm kete to kellie's castle.

OP di bawah.neh my pengapit yg shoot.

same.pengapit yg shoot.

gayat gile.kaki terketar2 waktu z tarik g kat corner..

with my side reception dress.
yg neh from hp camera...

i ringan tp z tade teknik nak wat lifting!hahaha.

shot neh kene tahan gelak sbb geli idong berlage.

we were sucks with romantic pose.

panas tak hengat.

now r d lowrest pics from d OP...

n my all times favourite....
these two pics.

sekian utk arini.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

++ 13 06 10 ++

sekian update utk hari ini.

++ 12 06 10 ++

reception kat umah aku agak kelam kabut.
will story later.
skang nak pk bende bende best je.

theme color kat umah adelah merah puteh itam.
aku n z pakai merah itam.
ramai yg puji kate baju adelah sangat cantek.
aku akan update lg 1-1 vendor aku nnti.

lepas kenduri terus buat outdoor.
gambar masih di tangan OP.