Tuesday, May 3, 2011

++ ZaReEf oHhhH ZaReeF ++

when he was in his 1st month,
his favourite activity was sleep.
he slept all d time dat even tho people
talked very loud or tickled him,
he would still sleep.
during that time,
relatives n friends who came to visit him
were very frustrated coz they wanted to see his eyes.

then now he develops new habit.
these days,
it is very hard to make him sleep during the day.
he is quite cranky.
i know that he wants to sleep but he just doesn't sleep.
then he will cry and calm alternately.

when he is cranky,
i will eventually cry too.
i love him.very much indeed.
but i can't lie that this is tough.
dei,jadi housewife mmg susah!
when he is a bit moody,
i can't do anything.
masak pon sambil lari bawak senduk depan belakang.

the house is in a total mess.
i don't have the ample time to make things clean.
z cooked dinner for two days already.
btw,i cover d nite shifts myself
since z needs to work in d morning.

i am still trying to suit myself with d new life.
i bet zareef is doing d same thing.
he used to be pampered at my kampong
where he could sleep on one's lap to another.
but here,
d only face that he sees most of the time is mine!

we sleep together
n i am sandwhiched between z n zareef.
i will sleep very close to zareef,
nose to nose.
whenever i turn my back to hug z,
zareef will cry n start to find my body.
i used to wait until he continued his sleep
but he will not stop until he touches my body.


zareef was watching the television

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