Sunday, May 22, 2011

++ PaPa ++

today is sunday.
z went working half day then he went to play golf.
yeap.that's his hobby.
dlm byk-byk sport apsal la pilih sport org kaya.
he is so addicted to golf.
yes.i'm not a supportive wife!
bukan apa,he wasted so much money on golf equipments.
not to mention d time that he spent to go driving n all.
tp nak buat camna.
i can only nag at him n he will smile n crack jokes to make me laugh.

at first i was thinking of buying him a gift that get to do with his hobby.
kayu golf ka,kasut ka...
tapi ya ampunnnn...mahal sgt.
so kansel la.

i hope he read this.
cyg tak suke abg main golf.hahaha.

oh yes!i'm using new template again!
kunon dah matured la pakai template baru.
but seriously i think this simple template suits better with my age.
as if da tua sgt pulak.huh.

n aside from applying for Masters,
i've been thinking to do something else too.
tsk.macam byk masa je nak slip in 1more project into my schedule.
tp niat baik always granted by Allah kan?
i'll try.
this is also one of my dreams.

ok.happy weekend.

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