Sunday, March 22, 2015

++ i LoVe mY JoB ++

My current view and I think for the next 14 days I will drive myself crazy. 

So... This is my 2nd attempt as a MUET examiner. 

Last year was my first try. 
My friend n I were totally blur with the format. 
Back in UPM we do teach ASASI students but we do not prepare them for MUET due to the sylibus given. 
Hence, we were in different world when the ketua lead the moderation session. 
I remember how miserable we were to complete our marking last session. 
N we swore to ourselves no more marking for MUET. 

But here we go againnn...
After our senses came back, we decided that we should give a 2nd try. 
Last time we were too laid back. 
Now we have to be discipline. That's all. (That's what we thought)


The only problem is that I don't go well with discipline T-T

So the love-hate relationship between me and muet kicks in. (Again)

Let's do this. 

I now understand the format and how to score the writing n listening papers. 
I should re-sit MUET. 

Till here then. 
Wish me luck.