Tuesday, August 31, 2010

++ bYe byE bLoGsPoT ++

finally i hv my new blogsphere.
so i'm moving in to new house.
thank u blogspot for d past 2yers or 2yers +?
i'll try to keep up with both blogs.
kalu rajin, haku kopipes entry di sane utk publish dcni.
selamat hari merdeka.
yg ke 53.
i've moved here.
so long frens....

Monday, August 30, 2010

++ sHoPaHoLic timeS tw0 ++

me n hubby went for baju raya hunting last week.

we went to sogo in d afternoon..

shopping n breaking fast.

then later at night we went to jalan tar.

i think we both spend 1.5k dat day.


1.5k for our baju only.


i guess both of us r no doubt r shopaholics.


n now we are counting d penny left

as we need to prepare duet raya for both parents,

nephews n nieces,

small cousins...

luckily we already bought kueh raye for d house.

these cravings r unstoppable.

hubby r taking me to wangsawalk tonite.

he surveyed glasses n wanted to buy.

i bet i might end up buying something else too tonite.



thanks hubby for buying those jeans n tops.

i know mine r expensive than yours.


hubby has put on some weight for the past 2months plus.

from m size he's going to l size.

he juzt doesnt want to admit it.

so we went to buy baju melayu,

when d guy asked him to take l size,

he refused.

so when we went home,

the m size didnt fit him.


so he has to go back n change the size.

guess my cooking doesnt taste bad at all.


footnote:loking forward to move in to new blogsphere soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

++ 15 RaMadHaN ++

it's been two weeks before i hv d feeling of blogging again.

tu pon sbb ayun kol suh update.



but i'm kindda bored with blogspot.

moving to a new,fresh blogsphere soon~

it's been two weeks of fasting.

n alhamdulillah mummy n bb r still fasting.

thank u Allah for making it easy for us.


since getting married,

my hubby n i havent got d chance

to go back to our hometown.

it's almost 3months already.

this wiken i'm going back to hometown,


hubby cant take any leave anymore.

n i desperately need to go home

as i need a massage due to d impact of d recent accident.


us both involved in road accident last 2 weeks.

my car is in d total damaged.

but thanks Allah we are fine.

juz minor scratches n me got d pain at d leg.



hubby got his hari raye bonus.

hmm hmm...

need to do some shoppings soon...

till here...

my baby aga...=(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

++ SaLaM RaMadHaN ++

salam ramadhan untuk semua...
hari ini mummy n bb same same puase.
bb kene kuat tau!

bahagia betol menyambut ramadhan kali ini.
pertame kali jd isteri n bakal ibu...=p
dari smlm da ketang ketung di dapor utk sahur.
pertame kali sahur bersame yg tercinte.
mcm tak caye.
dulu maen mesej mesej n koling utk kejutkan sahur.
skang da kejutkan sendiri depan mate.
makan pon same same.
hiks.cepatnye mase berlalu.
berbuke arini pon insyaAllah same same.
cume tak sempat nak masak sbb aku ade class smpai 6pm.
teringin nak makan puding laici mcm slalu mak buat.
bahan bahan da beli.
mase je tade.

rindu pade kenangan berbuke pose di usm.
kawan kawan yg da bawak haluan masing masing...
semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan dari Ilahi...
jadikanlah diri lebey baek dari seblom ini...

Friday, August 6, 2010

++ uNTuK Dia yG SaTu ++

selamat ari lahir yg ke 24!
semoga beroleh rezeki yg melimpah ruah...
diberikan kebahagiaan hati yg hakiki...
dikurniakan kesihatan yg baek...
dan kesabaran yg utuh dlm menempuh dugaan duniawi...
sekejap je mase berlalu,
n now we r celebrating d besday as hubby n wifey.
i love u still...
d love becomes deeper n stronger.
n i'm sure our baby is d most luckiest to have u as a father!
thanks for being a _____ hubby for me.
[fill in d blank =p]
i love u abg.
i will always do, insyaAllah...
i want us to b like this always.
look thru my heart n u'll c blooming luv
each n every time u hug n kiss me.
happy birthday zakril syafrani!

++SaLaM RaMadHaN++

ramadhan is juz around d corner!
excited n nervous at d same tym.
excited cos this will b my 1st ramadhan as a wifey.
n nervous cos this will b my 1st ramadhan as a mummy2b.
i hope dat i wont face any problem to complete d fasting month.

i finally vomitted twice.
most of d tym i'm experiencing d nausea.
like very very frequent.
i made d wekk sound even in d classes.

i dunno how d fasting month will b.
waking z up at 7am is already a challenging task.
dunno wut should i do to wake him for sahur.
i definetly need to sahur.
or else i'm not gonna have enuff energy.

tomorrow is z's birthday.
i dunno how to celebrate.
his family is otw to our house tonite
coz we are heading to d south early tomorrow morning.

i shall post special n3 for my hubby tonite.

till here then.

psst:mummy2b is getting lazy to update her blog.forgive her.