Saturday, April 16, 2011


currently both mommy n bb zareef r at seri kembangan.
home sweet home.
arrived last nyte at 10pm.

dd z was so excited as it was bb zareef's 1st visit
to our home.
n zareef was doing fine for the first few hours untillllll....

i brought him in our room to sleep on the bed
when he suddenly cried out very loud
like i had never seen before.
i tried to soothe him by breastfeeding him,
but he refused.

my mum came in n cuddled him n brought him to the hall.
he stopped crying but thru out the nite he was so cranky.
he didnt sleep well.
my mum didnt sleep well.
i didnt sleep well.
but dd z slept very well.

maybe it was his 1st time sleeping at new place.
sumore it was a long journey for him.
i hope everything will be okay tonite.

btw,we are going back on sunday.
end of april we will move back to seri kembangan.

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