Monday, April 25, 2011

++ ByE bYe ++

my little zarref n i are going back to kl tomorrow.
i'm having this blended feelings going around for the past few days.
i'm not sure whether i will b ok handling zareef when z goes out to work.
n whether z will be able to wake up late at nights if zareef is cranky.
n whether z n i will be able to look after him after his 2nd jab.

owh.i'm so nervous!

will i be able to run house chores n babysit zareef at d same time?

mum,dad n my sister are not around to take turn babysitting zareef anymore!

thanks everyone!
u have been such a great help for the new mummy.

zareef definitely gonna miss everyone at kampong.
n i bet they will miss him too....

zareef's first video
__apple of my heart__

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