Thursday, April 7, 2011

++ of 2nD BaBy ++

two days after i was discharged,

z came upon me while i was breastfeeding bb zareef.

sitting next to me,

he suddenly bluttered out this line.

"in a year or two, we r going to have a baby gurl k?"

n i was like "huh??"

still traumatised by the experience,

i couldn't stop from giving him a sharp look!


while i was bz calculating the family plan inside my head,

he was doing his too.

d problem is the numbers are not synchronised.

it is undeniable that d fact of having bb zareef

has really bring a lot of happiness in our life...

but planning on a new one?

is just not in my plan.

both of our mums,relatives,friends,doctor n nurses

keep on reminding us of how "healthy" we are

n how important for us to do family planning.

now that i'm about to finish my confinement,

i keep on receiving warning from both mums

to prevent sex for at least 1 more month.

they are sooo worried seeing z n i sitting close,

hugging n kissing each other.

[kiss here means kisses on forehead n cheeks]


when we met my gynae the other day, she listed out 4 options to do family planning.

  1. contraceptive pills - for breastfeed mommies, there is only 1 type of contraceptive pills can be taken ; which i have forgotten the name. ;)

  2. implanon - planting a hormonal cip or something at ur lasts for 3years n chances of getting pregnant is very low.

  3. CIUD - planting something in ur uterus which will alter the condition in uterus which will lead to failure of getting preganant.

  4. injection - every 3months u need to take this injection n chances of getting pregnant is low. but chances of gaining weight is quite high ; which i like!

so, z n i have decided to go for 4th option.

n my mum keep on reminding me

to take the injection as soon as possible.

in other words ; before intercourse.


I believe in 2-3years time,

We are going to plan for second baby.

A baby gurl perhaps? J

It's just that for the time being,

I would like to give all attention n love

To this only prince.

Not to mention,

To chase some dreamsssss…J

…Heart melting…


LuLu said...

your baby is so cute :3 and he's got a nice name too! stay happy :)

zaza said...

ms zia 2bulan. aku amik injection. then period aku jd gelong. pas 3 months sepatutnya kena cucuk tp aku tak pegi. then effect sampai skrg. period tak tentu hala. sampai sebulan. patutnya 7-9hari je. cuma lately ni br dia nak ok balik. kwn aku lak pas amik injection langsung tak dtg period. 2 thn dia amik 2 thn jgk tak period. ikut org sebenarnya. tpkan aku dlu amik injection susu jd kurang. kering terus. ko ada tanya doc tak psl tu?

::LiYa:: said...

hye dear!million thanks!:D

::LiYa:: said...

doc cakap kalu kite bf bb mmg peod die tak cakap plak susu akan jd kurang if amek injection tu.should clarify with her again.
risau plak.atleast biarlah fully bf smpai 6bulan!amin amin amin!
btw,thanks for d info.kene check ngan doc lg skali!