Tuesday, April 5, 2011

++ My HeRo ++

i know that some people doubted me

when i say that i'll go for normal delivery.

with d bb's big size,n me known as "manja-manja" type,

they bet that i will go for c-zer.

but alhamdulillah...

even though it wasn't completely normal delivery,

[with d help of vacuum suction],

i managed to proof that i was a warrior that day!

in my family,bb zareef was born with d heaviest weight.

in z's family, his brother's son was 3.6kg,

but his wife was c-zered.

not to brag!

everything happens with Allah's will.

n aside from that,

i am really thankful that z was at my side on that very moment.

we had plan actually.

we decided to go for normal delivery no matter wut happen.

except if the condition endanger the bb or me myself.

n if i can't endure with d pain,

the second option will be epidural.

on that day itself,

z never left my side;unless for certain reasons.

he was there,

reciting the prayers n surah-surah.

the louder i sighed [because of the crazy contractions],

the louder he recited the prayers.

it seemed funny now.hehe.

but i know he was nervous too.

when i went into the toilet to clean the bowel,

he insisted to go in as well;

which i wasn't agree at all.

despite the pain,i felt ashamed!

he left the door ajar n kept on calling my name

to make sure that i was ok.

i know that some moments,

he peeped thru when i didn't reply.


there was one time where z waited outside

to let his mother in.

shyly after 10mins,i asked my mother in law to call z in.

i dunno.

at that moment,

i just need him to be around,

patting my back,hold my hand,

give supportive kisses n words.

n after 6hours in the labour room,

the very speacial experience had tied us stronger.

it was the beginning of a new journey.

the journey of parenthood...

i love u z.

thanks for being such a great husband.

and a great dad to a great bb.


we have a great life.


there,he was holding the bb n reciting azan n iqamat

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