Monday, October 12, 2009

++ women n beauty ++

juz like women n money,
women n beauty is another
r/ship dat is sooo inseparable!

n to gain beauty,
i guess most women r willing
to get hurt by the certain procedures
dat need to be performed to obtain the

take my example.
my mum n i went for treatment facials
diz morning.
n hell yes.
for me it was a whole lot of painful process.
it was a 2-hours facial n it felt like years for me.
not to mention dat d result is tempting,
but still i felt like been tortured.

i still remember 1 of my guyfrens told me once;
"perempuan msti kene sakit sakit utk cantik kan?"
i think he got a point there.
even women who r naturally born wif beauty,
will still feel unsatisfied with their appearances.

look at d cosmetic products n
cosmetic surgeries invented by d technology.
women will never feel satisfy with their looks
n these markets are offering them wif a lot of promises!

in six months,
today was d 1st facial done.
no wonder d beautician needed
to squeeze my face damned hard!
[kakak tu keji kan?]

i'm telling myself not to go for other facials.
cukup la setakat td.

i'm satisfy wif my look.
i'm grateful wif everything on my face.
applying skincare products should b enuff.

btw, do u notice dat commercial br8 in TV?
d one wif dafi n amani.
silky gurl if i'm not mistaken...

"kalau nak tgok bakal isteri kite,
kene tgok ibunye dulu"

i love diz tagline.
n everytime i glance at my mum,
i noe dat i will b juz fine 30yers ahead!
she still maintains her shape
n people mistakenly take her age
as 10 yers younger than her actual age!

Thank God
i'm blessed wif mum's genes!

luv u mum.

p/s:: doing cosmetic or plastic surgeries r juz another way of showing dat u r ungrateful wif Allah's gifts.aite?


Pei Pan said...

Setiap benda mempunyai kecantikkan, tetapi bukan semua orang dapat melihatnya ~ Confucius.

Tak bersyukur dengan apa yang ada lebih parah dari tidak cantik. Kan?

::LiYa:: said...

yup betui2....
sume org mmg ske kan kecantikan...
tp kecantikan tu kan subjektif....
cntik pd kite,
tak semestinye cantek pd org len....

YuNyLoveSYou said...

i totally agree with u dear~ i went to do facial last week! perghh sakit tak ingat! tapi best jugak muka diurut2.. hahaa

::LiYa:: said...

sakit nak mati kan...
bape kali aku pk ak akn mati kat ctu!