Tuesday, July 12, 2011

++ bZ ++

life has never been bz since last year.
there r a lot of things going around in d faculty.
n somehow i always involve here n there.

i hv workbook meeting next week where we need to gather d exercises that we [should] have done.
but until now i havent started on any question yet.
i couldnt work during weekend becoz Zareef just didnt want me to be far from him.
i even put him in d baby carrier n carried him around on my shoulder when i did d laundry.
n he would simply hug n smile.
everytime i tried to put him down,
i needed to bear with his loud cry.
n by the time i picked him up,he would stop crying n giggled.

i didn't have any clue about BERSIH Ver 2.0 becos i dont watch TV.
i mean i dont watch other channels other than BBTV at astro.
dat will b Zareef's favourite channel.
so Zareef will always win in whuteva situation.

i dont know how to start doing my work when most of the time i am bz with other things.
some unimportant things to b truth.
btw, i am just confirmed in service by upm.
so no more 3years probation.
n i am entitled for 50% discount if i want to do my Masters here.
on about dat dream,
it has to be postponed to next semester coz there too many things going around in english department right now.i dont want to force myself to d limit.
takut tak mampu.

n dat is it.
Zareef is doing fine with Kak Mas.
syukur Kak Mas da sehat.

Z is also in d pink of health.
we went to ioi driving range watching him swing kayu golf.
tak best la.
byk nyamuk.

money status je x bape best.
sibuk makan tempat mahal je n shopping tak ingat dunia.
so i need to suffer la until next salary.

d only reason to make me smile.

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z.u.r.a.i.n.e.e said...

x terjumpe bapak sy ke kt ioi tuh? hehe