Tuesday, July 26, 2011

++ LiTTLe 5 ++

my boy turns 5 months young today.
weighing 7+ kg, he's able to roll over;
moving from 1 spot to another.
he seems understand when watching tv n when we talk to him.
he lovessss to scream!
yesterday when we were at d mall,
he screamed n played to himself in the stroller
n attracted so many eyes n hands to squeeze his cheeks!
n he has started his solid food!
tak sempat tunggu 6months.

Zareef membesar dgn cepat n sehat!
except tang rambut yg lambat no naiknye.

so for his 5th month birthday,
mama buys some treats for him.

1. boon squirt.since he has started his solid food,this item would be very beneficial. handy n practical.:)

2. clutch diaper from Snugggbaby. i really want a diaper cluth so that whenever we r going to malls, i can hang it on his stroller. inside d clutch we can put diapers, nappy rash cream, etc. it is very practical as we roll it open, it can be a perfect place to put ur baby on when changing his/her diaper. n d design is yummylicious!i love it!

i've been thinking to get a food jar to put Zareef's food. but since Zareef eats once a day only, it might not be that important now. but when he turns 6 next month, i should consider buying one of these:

i love the first one!
what's up with d pink stuffs?
i just love it. btw, these things r not going to be attached to Zareef's body.
mama yg akan guna.so x pela pink color kan!hihi.

yesterday bought him another rompers. red color. untuk raya nanti!tehee.
oh..we r going back to perak this weekend.
n on saturday we'll be in penang!
n first day of ramadhan will be in kampung.
can't wait!

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