Friday, July 1, 2011

++ oF eVeRyThiNg ++

i dont have fever.

i'm physically healthy.

but i'm just sick of things going around me lately.

ewah.barula 1st time nak rase bz sejak kije kat upm.

before this goyang kaki lari sane cni g jenjalan.

but then during this semester break,

the english department has decided to have their own workbooks.

something original.published.n done by the instructors themselves.

ah gile.

kenot adapt,cite or cilok2 mane articles.

must be genuinely ours.


rase cam nak nanges kejap.

but then thinking of the positive side,

nnti name kite will b on the book!


i have sumthing that published!

it's going to be a long process.

so they are giving us 1year.

[tp by the 3rd week of this july da mintak materials.ape kes?]

tade mase nak blog bagai.

n penat promote diri kat FB.

yes.i joined nippon contest a month ago.

saje2 la pon.main cilok je pic then bantai slogan.

i'm bad at creating slogan.

tuptup shortlisted dlm 20finalists.


d grand prize is 15k house makeover.

10 consolation prizes will b 2k paint makeover.

dpt consolation prize pon hokey ape!

so kot2 anyone come across my blog n rase baik hati nak vote,

plz do as following:

1. klik link ini...

2.then klik ALLOW utk access information.

3. pastu klik " LIKE" pada page nippon paint.

4. keluar gambar sy,baru klik "I LIKE" pade page tersebut.

5. jawab survey dari nippon.[ 4soklan je....]

6.then share la link tu pade wall anda...

7.kalau sudi vote la hari-hari sampai 10julai ni.

ok that's it.

kot ade rezeki july!

n i got my new hp.


n going to bring zareef for his 4th month checkup today.
n zareef will be sent to d previous bbysitter, kak mas starting today.
ah,byknye nak cite.

-gambar contest-

-zareef wakil mama berkempen-

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