Friday, July 22, 2011

++ in response to ayun's question... ++

i came across her n3 this morning,
she is wondering why some women have stopped
posting entries about their husband once they have a baby.

browsing thru my entries from late february until now,
i admit that less stories have been told about my Z.
there is no particular reason to that,actually.
it's a normal thing that when u have this new,yummylicious baby in your life,
the entire attention is given to him/her.
your husband will do d same thing to.
d different is,he doesn't have a blog.
therefore u cant measure thru his written entries.
get what i mean?

d love to your husband is not measured from how many written entries you have published for him.after all Z is not a big fan of my blog anymore.juggling between his busy working life,he would prefer to read Naruto on9 rather than the rambling writings i have here.
but i do know from time to time when he accidentally open my blog n he will skim or scan my blog.hahahaha.

so ayun.
d presence of a child would never [read:never ever] loosen the bond between a wife and husband.
it is just that life is different.
love to a child would never be compared to love to a husband.

u'll experience it soon..insyaAllah..


YuNyLoveSYou said...

Hi dear! Well first of all, that entry is totally not for you..but thank you for the answers..

You did talk about ur hubby and how he helps u throughout the journey especially to breastfeed lil z in this blog and some other things too...i just want to see and know how the husbands are helping their wife.. That's all.. For some bloggers, they just don't say anything about their husband.. Its like the wife's job handling the baby alone.. And the husband are just not doing anything.. I want to know because I don't have the experience being a mother and u are right about that.. I am sorry if that entry touched u in any way..

::LiYa:: said...

eh,darlink?u were looking for an answer n i tot it would b gud if i tell u my experience,from d perspective of my life.:)
there's no such thing that i got touched with ur entry but the fact that i am wife+ a mother + a blogger made me answer that question...:)
u r soon to be experiencing all these that i'm talking about.but again,different ppl would hv different way of living;thus resulting in different way of experience.
sharing is caring!
love u!