Wednesday, July 27, 2011

++ oF BrEasTFeeDing & SoLiD FooD ++

i welcomed a lot of reactions when announcing that Zareef is going to have his solid food in his 4 months +.
some give +ve feedbacks.
some just rudely give -ve feedbacks.

i know d fact that babies r advised to have their first solid food after 6months.
but every child is individual n unique.
as i said, we can't compare 1 child to another.
cause d development is different.
i read, i asked n i consulted experts before i started feeding Zareef.
every mom wants d best for their babies.
same goes to me.
i appreciate advise.
but i dont welcome harsh critiques n all.
thank u.

so i made him apple puree.
it was very easy to prepare.
i added in my EBM n Zareef loves it.
puree is super soft so it is d best for his digestive system.
n it is easy to prepare too.
i'm lucky to have another new blender given by Z's friend on our wedd day.
it is 1 year+, n now only i start using it for Zareef's food.
[dont use kitchen blender for babies' food]

n of my breastfeeding journey......T.T
i still breastfeed him exclusively.
but the journey has [sort of] came to an end.
d milk production has dropped drastically.
last month, i was only period-free for 4days!!!!
the rest were heavy flows..
i became restless n d milk production declined as milk is from blood.

but i'm still trying to breastfeed him exclusively.
semlam macam force diri.
malam terus pening n nak pitam lagi.
but i dont want to give up!
mesti berusaha.
selagi ade rezeki Zareef mmg tanak campor FM..
unless kalau terpaksa...

till here then.


zaza said...

sian ko ye liya.. besela mulut org tak leh nak tutup.. mana leh nak compare dgn anak org lain.. haishhh.. aku rs ko mcm tak serasi la amik cocok depo tu.. cuba bt cara lain.. mtk suggestion doc.. mmg letih kalo period lelama ni.. aku dlu penah kena..

::LiYa:: said...

tu la..pening kot aku..doc kate jgn bg biskut n nestum sbb tu utk 6bulan..boleh bg puree ni pulak kate jgn bg buah.tensi aku!haha...letih dah peod.mcm dlm pantang!