Thursday, July 7, 2011

++ MaKeOvEr ++

i think i need a wardrobe makeover.
i need to do some makeover.

i love shawls but having problems on styling them.
it was last time.
now i slowly learn to style my shawl.
not dat overwhelming like hanna tajima.
but i think it is ok for a start.

then my taste on outfits r slowly changed.
i think it is d age matter and d FACT that i'm a mommy now.
i need to wear something practical for i need to breastfeed Zareef.
so there r a some favourite outfites that out of my league.

i fell in love with some gorgeous dresses that
can be worn together with cardigans or inners.
i saw 1 yesterday but was thinking whether i can pull it well or not.
i went back without buying it n dreaming of it!
haih..typical me.
i think i'm going to get 1.
i think,being d petite me,
i can wear almost evertything.well,i think.

n i ordered a maxi skirt from dalzbutton [can checkout their fb]
it is custom made so basically it SHOULD fit us well.
still waiting for d delivery.

-gorgeous maxi-

n i had sent 2 baju raya for tailoring last week.
n purchased another 2 online.
2 purple,1 brown n 1 blue.
thinking of having 1 more red tp mcm z akan marah je.hihi.
bought online from Asylla collection.

pasni nak shop shawls,jeans,tops,wedges n handbag.
handbag tu kalu ade rezki la.

baju raya zareef da start beli last week kat d curve.
maybe nak tambah sikit-sikit je lagi.
till here then.
mood raya is approaching!
tp puasa tak ganti lgi.
sehati je pon.
but my menstrual cycle macam gelong laa ni.

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