Sunday, June 19, 2011

++ oF SuNDaY++

happy fathers' day to my beloved abah!!!
Zainuddin b Abdul Wahab.
my beloved husband cum Zareef's beloved papa!!!
Zakril Syafrani b Samsudi.

to abah::
thanks for raising us up.u have been so patient and so determined in changing our lives.i have d chance of living in luxury because of ur hard work.insyaAllah,ur efforts will be paid next week!amin.

to hubby::
thanks for helping out to cook,to look after Zareef,to bathe Zareef,to get him ready, n a lot more.most important is thank u for contributing ur genes in making the most perfect baby for us!:)

-love u both!-

this afternoon we went to pullman lakeside in putrajaya to see amrina n her bb.
masyaAllah...montel sgt c aufiya ni.
i've been looking at her pictures for so many times.
so when having d chance to hold her, i felt like i wanted to bite her!
she is so adorable!~
Zareef mcm cemas je jumpe awek cun.
sampai muak,berak n kentut!hahahaha....
ade rezki nak adiahkan aufiya dress raya,insyaAllah.

owh,btw amrina is the friend yg delivered dekat-dekat ngan my delivery date.
so aufiya is older by 4days to Zareef.

-the mamas n d babies-

-Zareef's first kiss from awek.hahaha.-


-penyek pipi aufiya-

then we went to nilai to visit Z's uncle.
he just got a new baby as well who is younger by 2weeks from Zareef.
so Zareef ada pak ucu yg muda 2minggu dari dia.
tp tak snap pic coz d bb is not feeling well after taking his 3rd jab.

till here then.
esok my beloved sis akan deliver her baby!
moga segalanya dipermudahkan Allah.


Henna by AMRINA said...

hehe.. am pun hari2 tgok pics zareef taw..
tiap kali liya upload wajib tgok!..
geram tgok zareef at last dpt gak jumpe..
dgr suara nyaring die tu.. rase nak jerit2 sekali!
time kasih la nak adiahkan dress kat aufiya..
nak tau size, ukur je kat badan zareef.. kekeke..
suke bace blog liya! ;)

::LiYa:: said...!insyaAllah ade rezki dpt la aufiya dress raye!hihihi...

::LiYa:: said...!insyaAllah ade rezki dpt la aufiya dress raye!hihihi...