Monday, June 13, 2011

++ tHeSe DaTeS ++

last year, 2010, on these dates...






this year,2011...
a simple,budget celebration was held between the 3 of us.
after my-almost-fainted incident last week,
this week z was attacked by diarrhea,
n Zareef was infected by cough.
plus d money status is not OK.
so duk umah diam-diam.

thanks for the one year of love-hatred journey.
i think we have learned a lot of things.
n Allah has granted us with the most valuable, beautiful gift ever~ Zareef.
i'm thankful for being ur wife, alhamdulillah.
n insyaAllah,till death do us apart.

ade rezki next month we shoot to Melaka n have our babymoon.

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