Sunday, June 5, 2011

++ SuNDaY ++

morning sunday!

yesterday we were visited by z's bestfriends~eira n her husband.
they came around 3pm until 9pm.
so sempat la lunch n dinner same-same.
n sempat dera eira masak utk dinner.

as far as i can remember,
yesterday was d 1st time we stayed at home without going anywhere when z is on leave.
before this every weekend filled up with a lot of activities.
somehow it wasn't that bad to spend d whole day at home.

i managed to pump out 12oz yesterday.
there were 2 morning sessions and 1 session in afternoon.
then i was too bz with d guests.

oh yes!on friday morning, i woke up at 4.45am to pump out my milk;discovering i needed to hold to the wall to balance myself.i was so dizzy but didn't care much.
after pumping,i continued sleeping n when i woke up at 7+,i still feeling drowsy.
by that time i was confused whether to go working or not which at d end i went.
during lunch break both z n i brought Zareef for his 3rd jab.
he weighs 6.6kg already.
after Zareef,i asked d doc to check me n yadaa yadaa ~ i had low blood pressure.
so yesterday, z went to the market n purchased all nutritious food that were believed to increas
e the blood cells in our body.
hopefully it's not going to happen again.i am so worried that i might faint while holding Zareef.

haih.i used to think i am strong. well, i was strong during my pregnancy. but after 1 week started working,i understand how hard it's to be a working housewife.


- aunty unkel Zareef -

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