Saturday, June 18, 2011

++ CeLeBRaTioN ++

last nite a small celebration was held.
we dined in at papa john's ioi puchong which i think serve better food than papa john's in front my house.
had a piece of choc cake, 9"pizza with half-half toppings and baked rice yg kurengggg sedap.
lupe nak snap pic of the food sbb tgah lapo sgt.

so it was a celebration for our belated 1st anniversary n z's new increment.
z seems so happy.
i'm happy too!
Zareef pon happy sampai meniarap more than 10times semalam!

sekarang rase senang nak bawak Zareef g mane-mane.
mase mule-mule beli stroller he refused to stay in it.
now mcm da suit well n he seems comfortable.
so bile keluar jalan-jalan he is so well-behaved.
anak papamama tahu yg parents die kuat berjalan.

so here's some pics mase kuar berjalan semalam.
i bought stripes tight for Zareef.mcm comel pulak tgok die pakai.
n last nite grabbed another tak colorful sgt.

Zareef with his colorful stripes tight.

1 family. :)

with papa.
with mama.

da poo muka tak slesa!

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