Tuesday, June 14, 2011

++ JaDeD ++

there r committee meetings going around for these few weeks.
n i was in-charged on editing the current evaluation forms.
last sem was my 1st sem teaching that subject.
tu pon ajar half way coz i went for maternity leave.
so with very little experience,
i revamped n edited the forms.
alhamdulillah, 60% of my new adaptions are good n will be implemented for ne
xt sem.

i did wish n pray for a lot of good things on the early of june right?
seems none turn out right YET.
Z is still having problem with his stomach.
Zareef with his cough n flu.
n i found myself getting infected by Zareef.

maybe next week when i get my hands on my new handphone,
life would turn out beautiful!

my sister is giving birth next week.
since she will go for Cesarean,
she can actually choose the date n she chose 20/06/11.
nothing nice with the numbers arrangement.
it is just the best time for her n d baby!
oh baby boy again.
suma grandsons la nampaknya keturunan incik Din!
[for d time being]
i want to have baby girl!!!!

Zareef alhamdulillah membesar dgn hebat.
makin lama makin berat.
now suka angkat-angkat kaki tanpa ketahuan motif.
yg pasti comel selalu di mata papamama.

angkat 1 kaki.

angkat 2kaki.

kusyuk tengok babytv.

my frozen EBM.in chiller got a few more.


zaza said...

anak incik din semua perempuan. dpt cucu semua lelaki. hehe

amboi.. dpt hp br ceria la ye. hihi

::LiYa:: said...

huhu..tu la...generasi lelaki la pulak generasi kedua niii....

hihi.kalu dpt hp!