Monday, December 19, 2011

++ oF GooD n BaD nEwS ++

BaD NewS::

last friday, when i was about to do something,
Z texted me.

"abg eksiden"

ok.i remembered my heart was beating so fast
n my eyes were teary in seconds.
i quickly called him n i felt relieved as soon as i heard his voice.
he didnt really tell me the entire story in d phone.
he said he will come back n tell me vevrything.
n i waited for him for about an hour or so.
he bruised here n there.
his knee was swollen.
when he was trying to undress,
i heard n saw him in pain.
i quickly went to d kitchen,
eyes were shed with tears.
n i made him a mug of hot coffee.

it wasn't a very serious accident.
but i was [am] really scared!
d morning before,
before we left home...
as usual we will exchange kisses, salam n whatnot.
who knows later in d afternoon i would get this bad news?
it opened up my eyes.
i dont want to leave the house before i kiss n salam him after this.
because we never know...
we might regret...

alhamdulillah Z is getting better.
i insisted of bringing him to d hospital.
but he refused.
n only my family n close friends saje yang tahu.
his family has no idea at all.
sbb Z xmo btau...
but i bet sooner or later they will know jgk.
sbb d wound would leave scars...

i love u hubby.
dont scare me anymore....

GooD newS::

Zareef has started walking last night.
he is 9 months n 3 weeks old!
we were delighted.
it started when Zareef tried to walk 1-2 steps.
we dont really bother much.
when i was busy browsing over coach handbags *ehem*
i noticed Zareef was walking towards me.
i called Z n we witnessed his first attempt to walk!
Zareef was very calm.
both Z n i hugged him n kissed him!
cepat gile Zareef da boleh jalan!
Z managed to record his 2nd attempt.
i posted the video on fb.
da tua sok senang nak tengok!

n earlier before that,
Zareef will respond if we say BYE-BYE.
he would wave both of his hands.

i am a proud mommy.

u make me proud Zareef!

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