Wednesday, December 14, 2011

++ mY HeRoEs ++

after my ramblings last 2weeks about how Z hasn't been sweet n whatnot,
he changes!

we had a couple retreat.
had to leave Zareef with kak mas [sorry dearie]
so we went out for movie n karaoke.
had a lot of fun!

without Zareef,
we look like other young couples.
*hangat bercintun*
wahal dah anak sorang n tinggal kat bs.
ces kan.

n Z is really helpful nowadays.
thank u sayang.
it takes two to tango.
it takes us both to manage the house.
n i am very glad and happy seeing u handling house chores.
u look so handsome n sexy everytime u wash d dishes.
no to mention when u cook!
u look double sexy!

it has been 2 weeks.
as i see,
he does this everyday.
so d consistency n performance is good.

thank u.
i love u.
i still love u if u dont help me around.
but now d love is deeper, tighter, bigger, sexier!

happy clouds n rainbows shall arrive to my sky very soon.
*crossing fingers*

what would i do without these two heroes?

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