Thursday, June 3, 2010


hi dearies.
i'm right on d mood.

i think d wedding preps are right on track.
i bought all d tudungs to wear.
finished DIY my purdah for malam nikah,
finished DIY for my tudung for malam nikah too.

i also bought my fur fan.
there r in red colors.=)
i have all of the photos but couldnt transfer from hp to desktop.

i've picked up my wedding dress but returned it d day after.
coz the sleeves were so tight dat they hurt my arms.
unaisah will loosen d sleeves so dat i can act more with my hands.

i dunno.
my moods r ups n downs.
i am sooo excited abt d wedding but at d same time am so
worried abt becoming a PUAN.
i dunno.

plz to all readers...
wut ever u r reading from my blog
is not me trying to brag abt my wedd preps.
nothing to brag off.
it's juz me sharing d info with other bloggers.

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Pei Pan said...

Selamat bergelar puan!