Wednesday, June 23, 2010

++ d GueStS ++

to b honest,
i dunt realize how many guests came during my reception.
but roughly there were abt 2000 of them.
coz we prepared 1800 goodies bag
but by 3pm all d goodies bags were finished.
sorry for those who came very far but did not get d goodies.
we didnt expect dat it would be that number.

juz a little appreciation to those who came.
i might not b able to capture every photo,
not able to personally say thanks to them,
so i juz gonna put up some photos of who came....

childhood fren. suriya.=)

upm colleagues n we call ourselves 5 sekawan.=)

1 of my favourite cekgu bm.she came!!!!n there were another 2teachers yg gambar tak jupe.

tesolians.right beside me came by bus from kl...touched my heart...

z's friend who could not make it to his reception, so he came to my reception.tq.

usm chicks. tq for coming.=)

last but not least,my sisters.

plg terharu is this gurl.she flew all d way from india, in d middle of her hectic exam week juz to attend my wedding.arrived on friday afternoon, n flew back to india on saturday nite.thanks darling.

p.s: sorang kawan baek z dtg umah mase hari nikah.she was there d whole day n nite.tapi gambar tak jupe.


z u r a i n e e said...

wk saje xnk taruh pic kwn baru wk tuh kn kn kn..
hahhahaha :P

::LiYa:: said...

sape kwn baru sy????