Tuesday, June 29, 2010

++ hOme sWeeT hOmE ++

z n i r trying to turn our house into a home.
last wiken we went to d ikea
n managed to buy a simple dining table
n a cheap TV cabinet.

z was not feeling well dat day.
we have to carry d heavy dining table
to our house on d 19th floor.
i was trying to help him by carrying d other end of d box.
but we kept on laughing all d way.

arrived home,
he quickly unpacked d box
built up d dining table n cabinet.
[n i was bz in d kitchen doing everything except cooking ]
n within 1hour everything was ready.

we r trying to spend our salary on house items now.
we start from scratch.
so we need to save up money.

there r still a lot of things dat we need to buy
for d house.
we saw a fury carpet at bangi last wik.
it is so soft n expensive!
it is on my list within these two months.
n i cannot sleep thinking about buying new curtains.
haiihhhh.these cravings will never stop!

presenting my simple n cheapest dining table in ikea....
i'm going to buy d cushions to put on d chairs n table runner.

house warming will come soon....=)

btw...it is simpe n cheap,
but when we work hard to buy it,
it gives us a satisfaction feeling......


pjOyrawks said...

Liya ade blog rupenye! hehehe..akak bloghopping tjumpe blog org wat entry psal baju liya tros link kt cni..do come over to mine k:)

::LiYa:: said...

eh!akak pon ade blog???
huhuhu...mari link2!!!

amElyn said...

hi dear!!
i baru jumpa ur blog.
this my first time reviewing.hehee
im getting married this coming Oct.tu yg bz dok bloghopping n join the B2B community. =)
feel free drop by n share some tips on wedding preparation eh! or any info related..
thanks dear!!
im following u btw~

p/s : oh i love ur red dress!! my baju will be a black lace jugakk! mesti lawa kan??? hihii.tapi my theme is gray-black..
congrats for ur wedding!!!!

::LiYa:: said...

hye amelyn!
thanks for dropping by...
congratulation for ur upcoming wedding!u can read my older entries abt my preparation on wedding thingy!
it's full of stress but fun at d same time...n now i'm missing d every bit of dat moment...

i wore black+red on my reception n silver+black on his side...dun worry!u will look great too!=)

aisya said...

wah..sis sangat lawa...best2..tak pe..sis jagelah en.Z..hehe

::LiYa:: said...

hye inn!!!
keep in touch tau!